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Consultancy - OpusView


OpusView represents the future of integrated, communicative project management, with a wide array of features, many of which break new ground in the industry. Whilst the system itself is designed with the end user in mind, Bal Mattu CEO and creator of OpusView has stressed the need for dedicated consultancy during initial set up to get the most out of the tool. As the sole UK Business Service Partner for OpusView, Purple Griffon offers high quality consulting for the product, the end result of which includes benefits such as:

1. Trained and informed staff capable of utilising the power of OpusView
2. Guarantee of effective set up for optimised use of the many capabilities of OpusView
3. Tailored templates and artefacts incorporated within the deployed toolset

With decades of experience in the IT industry our consultants have a wealth of practical experiences, successful deliveries, and resources to bring to bear when training teams and setting up OpusView for your specific requirements. With Purple Griffon consultancy

OpusView will help you meet and exceed your organisational goals, if you're interested in making the most of this exciting new software then contact Purple Griffon through our dedicated email [email protected] or schedule a call with us on +44(0)1539 736 828.

Our key areas of expertise are: