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Agile Service Management Courses In London, UK

Agile Service Management Certifications Training Courses

Within the world of ‘Best Practice’ frameworks you can quite easily become polarised on one specific framework and become a ‘fundamentalist’ on that one single method.

This ‘fundamentalist’ mind-set leads to people focusing on why all other method frameworks are wrong and theirs is right, rather than a focus on how an integrated set of frameworks can enable excellent service delivery (which is the whole point of having them).

Most method frameworks have something to offer and, via inspection and adaption, they can normally co-exist...

What Is Agile?

There are a number of Agile frameworks that in essence are about delivery of value to the customer in the shortest timescales. In many cases, in the ITIL® world, agile means ‘on time’ and ‘cost delivery’ of ‘fit for purpose’ services.

What Is ITIL®?

ITIL® is part of AXELOS’s Best Management Practice (BMP) family of frameworks, a family of management and delivery frameworks that have been built from learned best practice, covering complementary topics such as IT Service Management and Portfolio, Programme and Project Management.

We currently offer the following Agile Service Management training courses:

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