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On a traditional project, the Project Manager may be actively involved in directing work and telling their team what needs to be done, a style often referred to as Command and Control. The Agile Project Manager follows a different style. In the early stages, the Agile Project Manager creates a high level plan, based on outline requirements and a high level view of the solution to be created. From that point onward the end project is created iteratively and incrementally, with each increment building on the output of increments preceding it.

Unlike a traditional project, the detailed plans for each step are created by the team members themselves and not the Project Manager. Within each stage of the project the team works in an iterative and incremental style in close collaboration with a representative of the business/customer in order to understand the detail of the next step and to create and validate an evolving solution.

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Agile Project Management comprises established and proven components that provide an holistic approach to the management and governance of projects. It has an overarching philosophy and guiding principles, together with a Lifecycle (or process) and a set of deliverables to be created and maintained as the project progresses from a controlled start through to completion. It provides clearly defined roles with specific responsibilities designed to bring together all the stakeholders involved in the project. Agile Project Management also provides proven scalability and the ability to work with corporate management processes, supported by a track record of success over many years in IT and non-IT projects.

Our Agile Project Management training courses aim to address the needs of those working in a project-focused environment who want to be Agile. Our Agile Project Management courses are currently sourced from our strategic training partner, SPOCE Project Management Ltd.

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