Scrum Fundamentals Training Course

Scrum Fundamentals


Scrum is a lightweight framework designed to help teams who are developing products and delivering projects to work in an Agile way.

Scrum is based on the three pillars of Transparency, Inspection and Adaption.These pillars promote visualisation and regular reviews of both the work and how the team are working; acting as a dual feedback loop to continuously improve both the product and team working practices.

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1 Day
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Course Outline

1 day experiential learning workshop for teams who are looking to use Scrum for product development and project delivery. For 6-12 delegates.

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • ·Have been introduced to the pillars, values and flow of Scrum
  • ·Have built your own Scrum framework
  • ·Have experienced the dynamics of working with Scrum including the roles, events and artefacts that underpin Scrum.
  • ·Have used user stories as a way of articulating requirements
  • ·Have applied relative estimation techniques.
  • ·Have participated in a Retrospective
  • ·Have discussed ideas for putting Scrum into practice.
  • ·Be eligible to attend The Role of Scrum Master and The Role of Product Owner training.


This one day workshop will bring the roles, events and artefacts of Scrum to life.By the end of the training you will have interacted with Scrum and be able to explain how it is designed to support teams to deliver value early and often.You will leave with new skills and ways of thinking to take back into the workplace and ideas of how you can start to experiment with Scrum in your team.

About the Course

You must have attended Introduction to Agile to enroll on this training.

Who Should Attend

Teams, individuals and leaders who are looking to use Scrum for product development and project delivery.

Materials Provided

A full copy of all course slides.

Organisational Benefits

This workshop brings to life Scrum a light-weight framework for teams looking to adopt Agile ways of working.The benefits of Agile are wide-ranging and can include:

  • ·Being better equipped to respond rapidly to changing market conditions.
  • ·Continuous improvement of products.
  • ·Continuous improvement of team work.
  • ·Greater collaboration igniting the collective intelligence of the team.
  • ·Greater collaboration involving customers throughout delivery to build better products.
  • ·Organisational impediments being surfaced giving an opportunity to remove or improve them.
  • ·Better solutions emerging from self-organising, motivated teams.
  • ·Focus on delivering the highest value outcomes.
  • ·Rapid learning and failing fast (making decisions to stop what is not creating value earlier).

Individual Benefits

This workshop is the starting point to individuals within teams realising the wide-ranging benefits of Agile, which for them can include:

  • ·More meaningful work through a focus on valuable work and a closer relationship with customers.
  • ·Stronger relationships with the team.
  • ·More opportunity to contribute ideas and influence decisions.
  • ·More empowered to remove obstacles.
  • ·Opportunity to consider Scrum Master or Product Owner training.


You must have attended Introduction to Agile to enroll on this training


There is no prereading associated with this training course.

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There is no professional qualificationds associated with this training course

Next Steps

Following completion of this workshop you will be able to access the following training:

  • ·The Role of Scrum Master
  • ·The Role of Product Owner
  • ·Kanban Fundamentals

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