Blended Training Solutions - Online Learning & Tutor Support

Blended Training Solutions Training Courses

Purple Griffon's Blended Training Solutions have been designed for the delegate to complete self-paced online training with continued interaction with the tutor.

Here is a summary of the key benefits:

Benefits For The Learners

1. Blended learning solutions are learner-centric, and the online component provides control to the learners to set and manage their pace of learning.

2. Learners can download online resources that they can refer to easily after the facilitated program is over

3. Research shows that learners show higher retention levels with blended learning solutions as compared to a fully facilitated session. This goes a long way in positively impacting ROI.

In short, our Blended Training Solutions are a learning method, which combines online learning and ILT to get the best possible result for the delegates.