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With ever growing dependence on information and communications, the scope of security practice has had to evolve from IT Security to Information Security and now on to Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience.

With increased on-line customer engagement, security can no longer be just focused on the technology, but requires a collaborative approach driven from the board downwards to include everyone in the organisation, including the supply chain.

Cyber Resilience requires an enterprise wide risk based strategy that proactively manages threats, risks and impacts on critical information and supporting assets.

RESILIA™ maps directly on to current Best Practices like ITIL® to ensure a joined up approach is adopted and implemented.

For an in-depth breakdown of the benefits of adopting RESILIA® to both you and your organisation then download 'The Benefits Of The RESILIA® Certification' now...

The Benefits Of The RESILIA® Certification

Or if you want to compare RESILIA™ to other Cyber Security Frameworks then read 'Compare RESILIA™ To Other Frameworks'.

Compare RESILIA® To Other Frameworks

We currently offer the following RESILIA™ training courses:

Our How YOU Can Defend Yourself Against The Most Common Methods Of Cyber Attacks [Short Video] will describe common methods of attacks that you and your organisation may face in the digital world.

As an ever present threat, Cyber Attacks must be proactively understood and defended against to ensure your systems retain their integrity and protect your organisation from data breaches and cyber theft.

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