RESILIA​ Overview Training Course

RESILIA™​ Overview: 1-Day Introduction To Cyber Resilience


RESILIA™: Cyber Resilience Best Practice is designed to help commercial and government organisations around the world prevent, detect and correct any impact cyber attacks will have on the information required to do business.

Adding RESILIA™ to the existing AXELOS® Global Best Practice portfolio, including ITIL® and PRINCE2®, brings a common Cyber Resilience Best Practice for security, IT Service Management and the business.

Active Cyber Resilience is achieved through people, process and technology.

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1 Day
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Course Outline

Please Note: Our RESILIA™ Overview training course will cover the following but is not limited to just these topics. The maturity and experience of the class will determine the depth that the RESILIA™ tutor can go to in each area.

Course Introduction

  • What is Cyber Resilience
  • Balance & Management Systems
  • People, Process and Technology

Risk Management

  • What is Risk Management?
  • Risk Management in Action

Managing Cyber Resilience

  • Management of Cyber Resilience
  • Adopt, Adapt & Improve
  • Managing Cyber Resilience

Cyber Resilience CSI

  • Cyber Resilience CSI and ITSM
  • Maturity Models
  • Control Objectives
  • 7-Steps of Improvement
  • CSI Approach to Cyber Resilience
  • Cyber Resilience Strategy

Cyber Resilience Strategy

  • Cyber Resilience Strategy & ITSM
  • Control Objectives
  • ITSM Strategy & Cyber Resilience
  • Segregation of Duties & Dual Controls

Cyber Resilience Design

  • Cyber Resilience Design and ITSM
  • Control Objectives
  • ITSM Design and Cyber Reslience

Cyber Resilience Transition

  • Cyber Resilience Transition & ITSM
  • Control Objectives
  • ITSM Transition and Cyber Resilience

Cyber Resilience Operation

  • Cyber Resilience Operation and ITSM
  • Control Objectives
  • ITSM Operation and Cyber Resilience


Our 1-day RESILIA™ Overview will give you a basic understanding of the key terms, the distinction between resilience and security, and the benefits of implementing Cyber Resilience

For an in-depth breakdown of the benefits of adopting RESILIA™ to both you and your organisation then download 'The Benefits Of The RESILIA™ Certification' now...

The Benefits Of The RESILIA® Certification

Or if you want to compare RESILIA™ to other Cyber Security Frameworks then read 'Compare RESILIA™ To Other Frameworks'.

Compare RESILIA® To Other Frameworks

About the Course

Our RESILIA™ Overview is a classroom-based training course will cover the basic concepts, benefits and key terms of Cyber Resilience.

Who Should Attend

  • IT and Security Functions
  • Risk and Compliance Functions
  • Core Business Functions Including HR, Finance, Procurement, Operations and Marketing
  • The Awareness Learning Is For The Entire Organisation
  • The Leadership Engagement Delivers Specialised Training and Learning For The Leaders Within An Organisation

    Materials Provided

    • Full Comprehensive Course Materials
    • Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable Tutors
    • Pen With Highlighter
    • Refreshments

    Organisational Benefits

    • The organisation develops staff able to establish holistic security programs that assure the resilience of organisations’ information assets
    • Projects and programmes that build security in (rather than bolt it on) are far more secure, and deliver more cost effective solutions
    • Protect against threats by ensuring well designed solutions are aligned with strategy
    • Increase an organisations’ credibility when working with clients and vendors.
    • Recognition that Cyber Security is fundamental in transitional activities will ensure more successful project/programme delivery
    • Builds on the benefits of having ITSM or ITIL®
    • Protect against threats by ensuring well configured controls.
    • Gain organisational competence through well trained specialists
    • Protect against threats by ensuring well supported controls.
    • Incorporation of Cyber Resilience early into the project lifecycle, therefore minimising risk
    • Increase organisations’ credibility when working with clients and vendors
    • Ensure project/programme teams use the same language as more technical specialised colleagues.

    Individual Benefits

    • Enable you to understand the security responsibilities of all stakeholders across the service supply chain.
    • Allow you to understand the characteristics of a well-protected organisation.
    • Become more effective in your role as a Cyber Resilience Practitioner.
    • And of course enhance your career prospects and earning potential.
    • Provides the breadth and depth of expertise necessary to develop Cyber Resilience Strategy and Design
    • Easily adopt Cyber Resilience into existing Strategy and Design
    • Confidence that your strategy design supports Cyber Resilience Best Practice.
    • Professional differentiation as these roles are typically qualified in ITSM/ITIL®, not Cyber Resilience
    • Greater collaboration with colleagues across the IT function as you embed Cyber Resilience Best Practice.
    • Demonstrate subject matter expertise through certification
    • Differentiate themselves from other SMEs and technical candidates for desirable positions in the fast-growing information Cyber Security/Resilience specialisation.


    There are no formal prerequisites associated with this training course.


    There is no pre-reading associated with this training course.

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    There is no examination associated with our RESILIA™ Overview.

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    There is no formal examination or qualification associated with our 1-day RESILIA™​ Overview

    Next Steps

    With every growing dependence on information and communications, the scope of security practice has had to evolve from IT Security to Information Security and now on to Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience.

    Our RESILIA™ Foundation training course starts with the purpose, key terms, the distinction between resilience and security, and the benefits of implementing Cyber Resilience. It introduces risk management and the key activities needed to address risks and opportunities. Further, it explains the relevance of common management standards and Best Practice frameworks to achieve Cyber Resilience.


    Our 1-day RESILIA™ Overview will give you an insight into Cyber ResilIence and it importance within your organisation.

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