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API Basics Online Workshop (90 Minutes) Training Course

Learn What APIs Do, Why APIs Exist And The Amazing Benefits Of APIs For Only £35 + VAT!

No Exam
180 Days Access
£35 (Excl. VAT)€40 (Excl. VAT)$44 (Excl. VAT)


Have you ever wondered what an API is or how to use an API?

You have come to the right place!

Learn all about APIs in this API Basics Online Workshop for beginners.

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Course Outline

What Will You Learn?

Module 1: What Is An API?

  • What Is An API?
  • What Is The History Of APIs?
  • What Is The API Framework?
  • What Are Some API Examples?
  • Why Should You Use An API?
  • What Is The Architecture Of An API?
  • What Is An API Eco-System?
  • What If The API Is Updated?

Module 2: What Are The Different Types Of APIs?

  • What Are The Types Of APIs?
  • What Are Web Service APIs?
  • What Are SOAP APIs?
  • Why Choose SOAP APIs?
  • What Are REST APIs?
  • Why Choose REST APIs?
  • What Are JSON-RPC APIs?
  • Why Choose JSON-RPC APIs?
  • What Are XML-RPC APIs?
  • Why Choose XML-RPC APIs?

Module 3: What Are HTTP Request Methods?

  • What Are HTTP Request Methods?
  • What Is The Anatomy Of A Request?
  • What Is Idempotency In API Design?
  • What Is The GET Request?
  • What Is The POST Request?
  • What Is The PUT Request?
  • What Is The PATCH Request?
  • What Is The DELETE Request?
  • What Is The HEAD Request?
  • What Is The OPTIONS Request?
  • What Is Rate Limiting?
  • What Are API Keys?
  • How Do You Start To Use APIs?

Module 4: What Is API Testing?

  • What Is API Testing?
  • What Is API Testing & Unit Testing?
  • What Are The Benefits Of API Testing?
  • What Are The Challenges Of API Testing?
  • How Do You Test The GET Request?
  • How Do You Test The POST Request?
  • How Do You Test The PUT Request?
  • How Do You Test The PATCH Request?
  • How Do You Test The DELETE Request?
  • How Do You Test The HEAD Request?
  • How Do You Test The OPTIONS Request?

Module 5: How Do You Keep APIs Secure?

  • What Is API Security Best Practice?
  • What Are The Risks Of APIs?
  • Why Do You Monitor Add-On Software
  • Why Do You Focus On Authentication?
  • Why Do You Need To Check Data In The Back End?
  • Why Do You Need An API Gateway?
  • What Are Some More API Security Tips?
  • API Basics Conclusion - What Now?

Module 6: What Have You Learned?

  • 30 API Basics Multiple-Choice Question Assessment

If you have time at the end of the workshop, we would really appreciate it if you could give us any suggestions on how we can improve the workshop in our survey.


APIs are used all the time in Programming and Web Development, so it is extremely important to understand how to use them.

You will find out what APIs do, why APIs exist and the amazing benefits of APIs.

About the Course

As long as you know a few basics of coding and knowledge of the web, you'll have no problem following along in this online workshop.

Who Should Attend

The API Basics Online Workshop is for anyone interested in learning about APIs.

Materials Provided

The API Basics Online Workshop will provide you with over one-hour of content and culminates with a 30-question assessment at the end to test your knowledge.

Organisational Benefits

Automation: With APIs, computers rather than people can manage the work. Through APIs, agencies can update work flows to make them quicker and more productive.

Application: Because APIs can access the app components, the delivery of services and information is more flexible.

More Scope: With an API an application layer can be created which can be used to distribute information and services to new audiences which can be personalised to create custom user experiences.

New Data Available: An API allows all of the information generated at the government level to be available to every citizen, not just a select few.

Efficiency: When access is provided to an API, the content generated can be published automatically and is available for every channel. It allows it to be shared and distributed more easily.

Integration: APIs allow content to be embedded from any site or application more easily. This guarantees more fluid information delivery and an integrated user experience.

Personalisation: Through APIs any user or company can customise the content and services that they use the most.

Adaptation: Needs change over time and APIs help to anticipate changes. When working with this technology, data migration is supported better, and the information is reviewed more closely. In short, APIs make service provision more flexible.

Individual Benefits

Learning about APIs will provide you a competitive advantage against other candidates for job vacancies

API skills are in high demand

Studying API basics will broaden your horizon

Technical Requirements

In order to access the API Basics Online Workshop, you will need the following:

  • Email Address
  • Access To The Internet Via A Browser
  • Speakers Or Headphones


There are no mandatory entry requirements for the API Basics Online Workshop.


This API Basics online training course does not require any existing knowledge of the APIs.

Exam Overview

There are no formal qualifications associated with the API Basics Online Workshop, but there is a 30-question assessment at the end to test how much you have learned.

Exam Type

No Exam

Professional Development Units - PDU's

There are no Professional Qualification Credits attached to the API Basics Online Workshop.


​​There are no formal qualifications associated with the API Basics Online Workshop, but there is a 30-question assessment at the end to test how much you have learned.​

Next Steps

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After completion of the workshop, you will have a good idea of what APIs are, how they work, why you need to keep them secure and how to perform tests on them.