Data Management Online Training Courses

Data Management Online Training Courses

Data Management is becoming increasingly important to all organisations. It's no longer enough to just understand your customers gender, name address and telephone number, now you must also understand their demographics, their spending habits and their interests and interests of their friends.

You need to understand what data you hold, where you hold it, its accuracy and context and how it is linked to your other datasets. Important Data is coming into your organisation every single second 24 x 7. You need to understand how to slice and dice the data, how to interpret and segment it, analyse it and how to use it to identify opportunities and reduce risks. This has led to the rise of 'Big Data'.

Big data's rise in prominence has led to a huge business focus on exploring how companies can harness Big Data to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

It is not just commercial organisations that need to understand data, non-commercials need to understand who makes charitable contributes, frequency of giving and the underlying motivation to give. Others need to understand the growth in population to ensure that adequate housing, education, transport and health services are maintained and planned for.

Data and its management is the future of nearly all organisations and its importance is steadily increasing. Now is the time to get up to speed with your data before it overwhelms you.

We currently offer the following Data Management Online course:

Big Data Essentials Online (90 Days)

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