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OBASHI® Foundation Online (180 Days) Training Course

Design, Monitor & Optimise Your Business Better With OBASHI®

Proctored Exam
180 Days Access
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OBASHI® is a breakthrough in Information Technology thinking that will enable you to clearly see how your business actually works facilitating better decisions as a result.

The OBASHI® methodology is sequential and consists of 6 layers:

• Ownership
• Business Process
• Application
• System
• Hardware
• Infrastructure

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Course Outline

Lesson 1: Introducing OBASHI®

Lesson 2: OBASHI® & Business Strategy, Digital Flow & Digital Dynamics

Lesson 3: Core Principles

Lesson 4: Business & IT Diagrams & Dataflow Analysis View

Lesson 5: Elements & Layers

Lesson 6: Relationship Rules

Lesson 7: Relationship Types Part 1

Lesson 8: Relationship Types Part 2

Lesson 9: Techniques & Standards

Lesson 10: Physical VS. Logical

Lesson 11: Modelling Using OBASHI®

Lesson 12: The OBASHI® Exam


OBASHI® allows you to create a visual map that shows:

• How your business works
• The assets that make it work
• The inter-dependencies between those assets
• A clear pathway for refining company processes and procedures

Our OBASHI® Foundation Online (180 Days) training course contains 12 easy to absorb lessons covering OBASHI® terminology, structure, concepts and value.

About the Course

With OBASHI® you can design, monitor and optimise your business better; in a way which is easy to understand and, more importantly, easy to communicate across the rest of the business.

Who Should Attend


With OBASHI®, ITSM professionals, can now, accurately demonstrate the value of IT to the business and can take a more pro-active role in improving business performance.

Project Management

Not only do project management professionals now have a tool that underpins every stage of the Project Lifecycle, in a real business context, OBASHI® makes it easier to demonstrate the financial risk of potential upstream and downstream impact to all relevant stakeholders.

Programme/Portfolio Management

When managing programme and portfolio challenges, OBASHI® software is a cost effective way to create a dynamic blueprint to communicate and value the strategic benefit of ICT enabled business change to C-level decision-makers.

Data Quality and Management

The insights gained by better identifying and managing how data flows through business assets, increases your ability to focus on those dataflows that most positively improve process, performance and profitability, whilst removing those that don’t.

Enterprise Architecture

OBASHI® can help put the complexity of technology in context, in a way that senior business decision-makers will understand. The board don’t need to know the detail but OBASHI® offers a standard way to communicate why they need it.


The operational implications are clear: OBASHI® software will effectively enhance your ability to maintain output levels when managing change, as well as increase productivity from existing assets.


OBASHI® software will become the “de-facto” way to apply the OBASHI® methodology. It is a practical working tool that will help best management practitioners, everywhere, overcome the day-to-day challenges of executing ITIL®, PRINCE2®, MSP® and P3O®, in the real business world.

Service Providers

OBASHI® software is unique and can play a vital role at both pre-sales and solutions stage. It can help you cost effectively scope potential client challenges, ensuring you reach a shared understanding of the problem quicker; provide a start and end point for the scope of any project; and can also complement existing offerings to deliver a better integrated solution.

This increased clarity can help smooth the delivery of integrated solutions as it has been developed to directly address the key issues behind the under-performance of ICT enabled business change projects.

Business Leaders

Improving business performance is central to driving profitable growth. The increased clarity and insight gained by using OBASHI® software, means that you’ll be better placed to deliver competitive advantage in an increasingly interconnected global marketplace.

Business Managers

Most organisations are characterised by consistent change and growing complexity which makes just “doing your job” increasingly challenging. OBASHI® software helps remove the ambiguity from day to day decision making, as it can help you identify the gaps and overlaps of how different business silos do or don’t interact.

Materials Provided

Our OBASHI® Foundation Online (180 Days) training course Includes:

• Videos
• Quizzes
• Exercises
• Study Guides
• Syllabus
• Sample Exam

Your access duration time starts as soon as you access the course, or after 28 days - whichever is sooner.

Organisational Benefits

• Get a clear picture of how the business works and accurately understand the cost and value of IT to the business.
• Use a common language and universally understood methodology to overcome departmental silos and attain a better understanding of operational risk.
• Transform productivity by effectively managing budget cuts while maintaining output levels.
• Offer a transparent and holistic view of the current business state when developing business cases or dealing with mergers and acquisitions.
• Assess how best to reduce electricity consumption, meet sustainability targets and support ISO/IEC 20000 compliance.

Individual Benefits

• Provide a structure for capturing and showing the relationships and dependencies between business assets, IT assets and resources.
• Create a visual map of an organization in order to understand the current state of the business before implementing change.
• Map how data flows around a business to highlight how the business works and document logical and physical relationships.
• Connect silos that exist within a current operation without compromising the existing IT structure.
• Deliver benefits at every level of the organization and facilitate corporate strategic thinking.

Technical Requirements


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    • Screen resolution: 1020 x 768 or above
    • Network/Internet connection: 4Mb (megabits) or above
    • Mac OS X 10 or higher
    • Firefox 3+
    • Safari 4+

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      For a successful OBASHI® Foundation online exam, you will need:

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      RAM 1024MB 2GB


      There are no entry-level requirements for our OBASHI® Foundation Online (180 Days) training course.


      Our OBASHI® Foundation Online (180 Days) training course does not require any existing knowledge of OBASHI®.

      Exam Overview

      OBASHI® Foundation Online Exam:

      • Exam Duration: 60 Minutes
      • Exam Format: Closed Book, Multiple-Choice
      • Exam Delivery: Online, Webcam Proctored
      • Exam Pass Mark: 60% (30/50 Questions)

      Exam Type

      Proctored Exam

      Professional Development Units - PDU's

      There are no Professional Qualification Credits associated with our OBASHI® Foundation Online (180 Days) training course.


      OBASHI® Foundation Certificate

      Next Steps

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      When you have completed our OBASHI® Foundation Online (180 Days) training course and exam, you will be awarded the OBASHI® Foundation certificate.