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Learn How To Design & Deliver Cloud Services With Cloud Service Management

Professional Cloud Service Manager (PCSM)

Our three-day Professional Cloud Service Manager (PCSM) training course will test your fundamental knowledge of Cloud Service Management.

This includes how to implement new solution practices whilst maintaining existing system performance, processes and functions. It does this whilst focusing on the impact on consumers and providers.

Our Professional Cloud Service Manager (PCSM) training course is ideal for IT Service Management Professionals who work within a cloud computing context.


How Do I Choose
A Training Course?

We can create a personalised training path for you based on your job role.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Cloud Service Management Certifications

Cloud Service Management is a lot like Information technology service management (ITSM). It departments don't have to manage the hardware, only software.

Cloud Service Management involves the procurement of cloud services. This can include setting up your own off-site servers, leasing a server, or purchasing cloud software licenses.

Management of cloud services involves migration, benchmarking, managing configuration, and change management.