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Mastering IT Support Delivery (MISD) Courses In London, UK

MISD Certifications Training Courses

MISD Certifications In London & Manchester, UK

Mastering IT Support Delivery (MISD) is a curriculum of career-spanning, accredited training in IT Support professionalism. MISD is for anybody in IT Support, either corporate internal, or external as provided by vendors, VARs and MSPs.

Delivering MISD

MISD is delivered as a sequence of training courses, subdivided into modules.Qualification in each of these modules is gained by completing either classroom or online study of these modules, followed by passing an examination.

MISD starts with a Foundation for all IT support staff, both operatives and section heads. Another qualification then shows aspiring technicians how to shift from an operative to managerial mindset. A further syllabus provides detailed instruction in managing a technical workgroup. Finally, there is advanced training, with a focus on devising a support strategy, making the business and financial case for it, and implementing the result. Unlike other training curricula in the sector, MISD does not stop at the Servicedesk. This is because in most organisations, the expertise required to provide a given support solution may be found in any of the specialist departments of IT or its external providers.

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