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SIAM Training Courses In London & Manchester, UK

SIAM® Certifications Training Courses

Service Integration And Management (SIAM®) is an approach to managing multiple suppliers of services (business services as well as information technology services) and integrating them to provide a single business-facing IT organisation. It aims at seamlessly integrating interdependent services from various internal and external service providers into end-to-end services in order to meet business requirements.

Many IT organisations are outsourcing portions of their services to scale to meet business needs, lower the cost of services, or drive innovation. Yet, many of today’s outsourcing models have failed to deliver against expectations.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM®) is a model to create a service integration layer to manage interdependent services from multiple internal and external vendors. Service Integration models have been around awhile, but are evolving from the challenges of managing a small number of large service partners to a model of managing a larger number of smaller partners. As the services and businesses become more critical or complex, the level of service integration becomes deeper. SIAM builds on the ITIL® framework, and expands it.

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