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TIPA Assessor For ITIL®


TIPA Assessor for ITIL

TIPA (Tudor IT Process Assessment) is an internationally recognised framework for IT process assessment.

The TIPA® Assessor Course provides a great insight into the concepts and keys components of TIPA® and enables you to participate in assessment projects under the supervision of a TIPA® Lead Assessor.

The purpose of the TIPA® Assessor for ITIL® course is to prepare the professionals for taking and passing the TIPA® Assessor for ITIL® Certification Exam.

This 3-day course equips you with the ability to perform a process-assessment based on the TIPA® for ITIL® method, under the leadership of a TIPA® Lead Assessor.

The course enables you to make use of the tools provided in the TIPA® toolbox, prepares you to conduct interviews, assess and rate processes, determine the current ITSM process maturity, write the assessment report, and provide recommendations for process optimisation.

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3 Days
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Course Outline

Overall, this three-day course will help you to build your skills in:

  • Conducting TIPA® related interviews and rating processes according to the TIPA® rating scheme.
  • Analysing the process assessment results, suggesting improvements and drawing conclusions about the process maturity using the TIPA toolbox.

During the course, you will cover the role of a TIPA® Assessor during each of the six phases of an assessment project. You will learn to “apply” your knowledge through a combination of assignments and a simulation exercise, in which you role-play through an assessment project by conducting interviews, rating the processes, performing SWOT analysis, recommending improvements, and presenting the results.


The TIPA Assessor course provides you with the following competencies:

  • Global understanding of standard process assessment (ISO/IEC 33000)
  • Understanding of the ITSM process descriptions proposed by TIPA®, in relation with ITIL®.
  • The ability to use the tools provided in the TIPA® toolbox
  • The ability to use the TIPA® Model to conduct interviews
  • Rating of the maturity level of processes based on the interviews against the TIPA® rating scale
  • Outlining a SWOT analysis based on evidence found
  • Proposing improvement recommendations according to the context of the organisation
  • Writing a report based on templates and structures provided by the TIPA® toolbox
  • Explaining the TIPA® assessment method and process model structure
  • Know how to apply the principles of ISO/IEC 33000 in relation to ITIL® processes

About the Course

Our experienced educators are driven by their infectious engagement. They are capable of making theoretical knowledge comprehensible. They are, of course, certified themselves and possess vast theoretical knowledge of the subjects they teach. Moreover, they are familiar with the latest research and results and contribute to the further development of the model.

Who Should Attend

The TIPA® Assessor course will be of interest to organisations that:

  • Plan to use assessment results as a driver for process improvement
  • Plan to use objective assessment results as documentation of process capability
  • Plan to benchmark processes against similar organisations or competitors

The TIPA Assessor course will be of interest to individuals:

  • Who participate in assessing and improving IT processes in an organisation.
  • Who participate in ITIL® implementations in organisations
  • Who are interested in understanding how TIPA® can measure ITIL® process-maturity for capability determination (e.g. supplier selection or benchmarking).
  • Who are looking for a turnkey-solution for process assessment to estimate the ROI of ITIL® implementations in organisations.
  • Who have ITIL® or ISO/IEC15504 backgrounds and who want to perform the role of an assessor in a TIPA® assessment project.
  • Seeking the TIPA® Lead Assessor for ITIL® certification, for which this qualification is a prerequisite.
  • In typical roles (but not limited to): ITIL®/ITSM process owners, process managers, process designers, architects, planners, IT process improvement consultants, internal auditors, IT quality manager, IT security professionals and ITSM trainers involved in the on-going management, coordination, and integration of ITIL®/ITSM processes.

Materials Provided

Full Course Material will be provided, including:

  • Copies of:
    • Student Workbook (contains all assignments to be written down in class and a practice exam)
    • Student Handbook (course contents including classroom presentations, readings required for the assignments, and sample answers for the assignments).

Supplementary material made available to the delegates:

  • reflectIT’s TIPA® Foundation iBook (requires iOS or Mac OS device to work)

Organisational Benefits

  • Ability to assess and improve ITIL® or ITSM process capability within the organisation.
  • Ability to support estimation of ROI for ITIL® implementations in organisations.
  • Ability to support a supplier selection process or a benchmarking.

Individual Benefits

  • Ability to assess maturity of IT processes in organisations that use ITIL®.
  • Prerequisite for seeking the TIPA® Lead Assessor for ITIL® certification on a later stage.
  • A certified individual automatically becomes eligible to become a TIPA® Professional Member.


Prerequisites Candidates for this course must:

  • Hold an ITIL® Foundation certificate.
  • Have at least 3 years of experience working in an ITIL®/ITSM environment and/or experience in process or maturity assessment.

It is also strongly recommended that candidates:

  • Can demonstrate familiarity with IT terminology and understand the context of ITIL®/ITSM in own business environment.
  • Have exposure working in IT Service Management within a service provider environment.
  • Possess any of the following additional qualifications (highly desirable): ITIL® Expert, ITIL® Service Manager, 10 credits accrued through ITIL® intermediates.


We advise that as part of your preparation for the course that you familiarise yourself with the TIPA® methodology and terminology by looking at the official TIPA® website especially the 'About TIPA' section https://www.tipaonline.org/en/tipa/what-is-tipa.

We would also recommend that you refresh your knowledge of ITIL® 'Best Practice', by referring to you ITIL® course notes or the official ITIL® LIfecycle books.

Exam Overview

About the Examination:

  • In order for participants to be eligible to take the TIPA® Assessor for the ITIL® certification exam, they have to participate in an accredited 3-day TIPA training course.
  • The exam is a closed-book exam with eight (8) multiple-choice, scenario-based, gradient-scored questions.
  • Exam duration is a maximum 90 minutes for all candidates in English (participants whose first language is not English have a maximum of 120 minutes to complete the exam and are allowed to use a dictionary).
  • Each question has 4 possible answer options; one, which is worth 5 points; one, which is worth 3 points, one, which is worth 1 point, and one that is a distractor and achieves no points.
  • Pass score is 28/40 or 70%.

Please note that the exam is undertaken on-line on a laptop or Mac. Tablets are not currently supported.

Exam Type

Proctored Exam

Professional Development Units - PDUs

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TIPA® Assessor For ITIL®

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After completing the course and passing the exam, the participant has to register as a TIPA® Professional Member to use the qualification professionally. Professional Membership is granted after paying an annual fee. After registration, the ‘Certified TIPA® Assessor’ status is granted to the participant and the person’s name is listed on the TIPA® website as a ‘Certified TIPA® Assessor for ITIL®’ and the TIPA® Toolbox for Assessors is licensed to the person.

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