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Here at Purple Griffon, we understand that taking time 'out of the office' for between three to five days to attend a training course can have a detrimental impact on your workload. We all know what it is like to return from a period away to find a mountain of emails and tasks that have built up during your absence – and then we wonder why we keep in touch with the office through smart phones and tablets!

So, in order to be able to continue with the 'day job' and to develop your skills further, Purple Griffon can provide many e-learning courses available for you whenever you want them. This enables you to study at your leisure and at the times that are suitable for you. Some people find it easier to study for just an hour or two at a time, with others preferring to set aside a whole day – e-learning provides you with the flexibility to match your commitments. Our ITIL® Foundation and Intermediate courses and our PRINCE2® Foundation courses are amongst the most popular choices.

e-learning is also an ideal way to develop new skills that will enable you to move to another job, get that promotion, or even progress to another company if that is your aim.

Have a browse through our site to view the many offerings and if you would like to learn more or ask a specific question about the options, please contact our account managers on 01539 736828, or at sales@purplegriffon.com

E-Learning tips

More and more people are taking advantage of the opportunity to learn online. They are attracted by the reduction in costs, the ability to be more flexible, a wider choice of courses and the comfort of learning from your own home or office. These factors combine to make e-learning an option that many are selecting.

Students have full ownership of their e-learning and are able to take responsibility for their own work. The negative aspect however, is that they are also responsible for ensuring that they complete what was started and that the end result is accomplished.

The following tips show how this can be achieved:

1 Preparation

Before enrolling onto any e-learning course, check that you are able to provide the right learning environment. This could be at work or at home, but you need to have a relatively quiet area where you are able to study without any interruption. Also check that you have the relevant technical specification requirements on your laptop/PC/tablet – this can be confirmed with the training provider.

2 Managing your time

This is probably the most important skill needed for training online. Ideally, set aside some timeslots throughout the week; firstly to complete the required parts of the course, but also to then later review what you have learnt. It can be a difficult thing to do, but by putting a 'control' in place, it will allow you to manage your time better and will soon adopt this regular routine. The amount of time needed will depend on the course that you are studying; contact the course provider for any suggestions around how much time should be dedicated.

3 Put Into Practice

Whenever possible, put your e-learning into practice as soon as you can. Practice makes perfect as they say, so the more you use what you are learning, the more you will become familiar with the subject and the easier those lessons will become.

4 Use The World Wide Web

As in any learning, you may have the need to find further resources to reinforce what you are learning. Have a hunt around the world wide web to identify the topic that you are covering, and if you find a relevant site, ask questions and see if you are able to discuss the topic with another learner. Look at social media sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn that may give you more information. By looking outside the limitations of the provided course materials, you can expand your knowledge further and enhance the learning experience.

5 Take Notes

Many e-learning courses now have study guides, or summary lists available, but taking your own notes will help you to reinforce the subject and assist in retaining the information. It changes the experience from just looking at a screen and listening to an online trainer to you becoming more active in the learning process.

6 Practice the Exam

Ensure that you know what needs to be done to log on to the relevant exam site and what to expect – preparation is a key aspect. Make sure that you try sample exams before you sit the real thing as this will help greatly. Waiting until the day of the exam is not the best idea!

7 Motivation

Motivation can be difficult, especially if you feel isolated as you are learning without direct contact with other students. But keep reminding yourself of why you are doing this and keep in mind your target. Is it a case that you need this qualification to get a job or a promotion or a salary rise? Keep in mind what this end result is that you aim to achieve and keep working towards it!

There is no magical formula for guaranteeing success, following the above tips should help somewhat, but in the end it is all about hard work and dedication!

Also... Did you know that... Base entirely on Customer reviews, Purple Griffon has recently been awarded Leader status for ITIL training by Course Conductor. This validates the quality of the ITIL training courses we deliver on a day to day basis

Purple Griffon Course Conductor Verified Leader ITIL Summer 2019

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