Full Stack Diploma In Software Development Online (365 Days) Training Course

Become An Industry Ready Software Developer At Your Own Speed And In Your Own Time!

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Full Stack Diploma In Software Development Online (365 Days) is the only university credit rated Diploma in Europe. You will learn how to become an industry ready Software Developer at your own speed, in your own time and with your own mentor. If you are successful, you will receive the globally recognised Diploma In Software Development awarded by Code Institute on behalf of Edinburgh Napier University.

Please Note: The training course commencement date is on a monthly basis.

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Course Outline

Stream 1 (Front End):

  • Stream 1: Introduction
  • Before You Start
  • Giing mt. DOM
  • Javascript Part II
  • Testing In JavaScript
  • AngularJS
  • Experience Survet & GitHub
  • Reopening The Box Model
  • Reopening The Box Model 2
  • Positioning & CSS
  • Media
  • Gradients, Transforms & Transitions
  • NavBar - CSS Selectors
  • Flexbox
  • Semantic Web & Font
  • User Experience Design
  • Balsamiq
  • Forms
  • Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Nav Elements
  • Bootstrap Responsive Design
  • Javascript Revisited
  • jQuery
  • jQuery Events
  • jQuery: Traversy
  • Project For Stream 1

Stream 2 (Back End):

  • Stream 2: Introduction
  • Installing Python
  • Installing PyCharm
  • Testing
  • Version Control
  • Boggle Solver Part One
  • Boggle Solver Part Two
  • File IO And Exceptions
  • Conway's Game of Life
  • Classes
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Install MySQL And MySqlWorkbench
  • MySQL Database Creation
  • Data Creation And Modification
  • Data Selection Queries Part One
  • Data Selection Queries Part Two
  • Using Python With MySQL Part One
  • Using Python With MySQL Part Two
  • Using Python With MySQL Part Three
  • Twitter API - Setup And Trends
  • Twitter API Tweets One
  • Visualizing With Matplotlib
  • Twitter API Tweets Two
  • Twitter Streams One
  • Twitter Streams Two
  • Introduction to Mongo DB
  • Web Scraping
  • Data Visualisation & D3
  • D3 & Data
  • D3 Scales
  • D3 Axes & External Files
  • Dimensional Charting with D3.js
  • Flask
  • Experience Survey
  • Project For Stream 2

Stream 3 (Full Stack):

  • Beginning Django
  • Hello Django - Templates
  • Hello Django - Models
  • Hello Django - Administration
  • Django Blog - Part 1
  • Django Blog - Part 2
  • Django Blog, Part 3 - Blog Detail Page
  • Django Blog, Part 4 - Blog Popularity
  • Django Blog, Part 5 - Forms & Images
  • Flatpages
  • Custom User & Email Authentication
  • Stripe Basic Payments
  • Stripe Subscriptions
  • PayPal Basic Payments
  • PayPal Subscriptions
  • Making Your Apps Reusable with GitHub
  • Create a Django-based Forum
  • Creating Forum Polls
  • Django's Testing Framework
  • Deployment
  • Django REST Framework
  • Experience Survey
  • Final Project For Stream 3
  • Project Submission Guide
  • Careers


Stream 1 (Front End):

In Stream 1, you will learn the following technologies:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Angular

These are the technologies that will allow you to build a front end website and your Stream 1 project will make up part of your overall grade.

Stream 2 (Back End):

In Steam 2, you will learn to use Python, DC.js. Crossfilter.js, Queue.js, JSON, Mongo DB, Flask and CSV which are used in back end development. You will use these create another project that consists of a data management website that will be submitted at the end of the training course as part of your grade.

Stream 3 (Full Stack):

In Stream 3, you will learn Python, Django and MySQL. You will use these languages to create a full stack site based on the Django Framework and this will be your third and final project.

About the Course

Full Stack Diploma In Software Development Online (365 Days) will show to how all of the technologies listed in the 'Course Outline' relate and operate together.

Who Should Attend

Full Stack Diploma In Software Development Online (365 Days) is the ideal training solution for career changers or upskillers looking to become:

  • Software Developer
  • Tech Support
  • Technology Officer
  • IT Project Manager
  • Associate Software Developer
  • Junior Web Developer
  • I.T. Consultancy

Materials Provided

Full Stack Diploma In Software Development Online (365 Days) Includes:

  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Exercises
  • Examination

Organisational Benefits

  • Your Staff Will Learn How To Create A Frontend Only Website Based On HTML5, CSS3 And JavaScript.
  • Your Team Will Learn How To Create A Backend Web Server - Managing Data In A MySQL Database Using Python.
  • Your Employees Will Have The Knowledge To Create A Full-Stack Website Using The Django Framework.
  • Your Staff Will Learn From The Current Information Based On Real Time Knowledge.
  • Every Project Will Be Completed In The Shortest Amount Of Time - Saving Time From Trial And Error.

Individual Benefits

  • Become An Industry Ready Software Developer Upon Graduation.
  • Build Your Portolio With Three Projects Showcasing Your New Skillsets To Employers.
  • Learn The Skills Most Relevant To Industry.
  • Globally Recognised Diploma From The Only University Credit Rated Bootcamp In Europe.
  • Change Your Career In As Little As Three Months.

Technical Requirements

  • Your Laptop Must Run Either Windows Or Mac Operating System And Must Be A Laptop - Not A Tablet/Laptop Hybrid.
  • For Windows, It Must Be Windows 8 Or Higher.
  • For Mac, It Must Be OS X 10 Or Higher.
  • There Must Be 8 Gigabytes Of RAM.


Please Note: You must provide proof of English ETLS level of 6.0 or higher (or equivalent), if English is not your first language and own a laptop or PC with the capabilities outlined in the 'Technical Requirements'.


You will not be expected to complete any prereading prior to accessing this online training session.

Exam Overview

Full Stack Diploma In Software Development Online (365 Days) Examination:

In order to successfully pass this training course, you must submit three projects based on each stream which will then be assessed by Code Institute upon completion.

Exam Type

Proctored Exam

Professional Development Units - PDU's

There are no formal Professional Qualification Credits that you can earn from Full Stack Diploma In Software Development Online (365 Days).


If you are successful, you will receive the globally recognised Diploma In Software Development awarded by Code Institute on behalf of Edinburgh Napier University.​

Next Steps

DevOps is a new term which has emerged over the last couple of years, which is slowly gaining interest in the IT community, especially those organisations that require speed to market and continuous service deployment. It’s starting to be adopted by organisation who can see the long term benefits of transforming their organisation through a DevOps approach which can plug into the overall structure of a lot of existing Lean and Agile thinking. There are certainly opportunities for that kind of collaboration throughout most organisations.

At a basic level it’s about demonstrating that Developers and Sys Admins can work together, train each other and ultimately blur the divide between Development and Operations and create a true DevOps environment…And everyone else has a part to play.

Purple Griffon are delighted to announce the new DevOps Online series which includes the following training courses:

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At the end of this training course, you will have the skills and knowledge to begin your career as a Junior Software Developer!