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OBASHI Online Certifications

OBASHI® Online Certifications Training Courses

Within the OBASHI® Methodology, people, business processes and IT assets are regarded as either providers of data, consumers of data, or the conduit through which data can flow.

Across every industry and almost every business, people provide and consume data daily, as do applications and systems. Hardware and cables act as conduits through which data flows: between desks, through office and corporate networks, across the internet, through deep sea cables and via satellites. The equivalents of the pipes, valves, pumps, meters and sensors of the oil and gas industry are the people, hubs, cables, routers, servers, and desktops through which data flows.

By utilising comparable contextual relationships OBASHI® enables any type of data-flow to be analysed in any business, in any industry, anywhere...

We currently offer the following OBASHI® Online training courses: