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Software Development Online Certifications Training Courses

Software Development Online Certifications - Learn At Home With Purple Griffon

If you feel lost when it comes to technology, 'The Bluffer's Guide To Talking Tech' will help you to understand and survive those tricky tech talks and weekly WIPS.

Do you want to know the difference between the IoT and APIs? Or HTML and CSS? No problem! We believe that the days of technical flummoxing should be over.

The Bluffer's Guide To Talking Tech

With the ever increasing pace of technology, the sheer speed of change and organisations global reach of IT services the role of the coder (programmers) is prevalent in virtually every organisation. You may not be aware that there is an every growing skills gap, which by 2020 globally will have reached a two million shortfall.

To help reskill and upskill those who have spotted this growing gap and those who are looking for a career change and see this skills gap as an opportunity we now have the ‘Full Stack Diploma In Software Development Online (365 Days)’ training course. This course will allow you to learn at your own pace whilst you continue to maintain your day job and ensure the bills get paid. This course contains over 600 hours of content and 24 hours of mentoring. It culminates in you developing a portfolio of projects to enthrall your prospective future employer.

For those who are working with coders (programmers) but don’t necessarily need to know how to code themselves, we have our ‘Diploma In Tech Fundamentals Online (180 Days)’ training course, which has over 30 hours of self-paced content will allow you to effectively communicate with and manage coders. This course is ideal for Project Managers, Scrum Masters and those working closely with IT coding teams whether you working in IT, HR, Marketing or even Recruitment.

Purple Griffon is an accredited partner of the Code Institute.