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VeriSM™ Online Training Courses - Become Certified Today!

VeriSM™ Online Certifications Training Courses

VeriSM™ Online Training Courses - Get Access To Your Online Learning Portal Today!

Traditional IT Service Management (ITSM) methodologies add enormous value – but it does not meet all of the demands, challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation.

Most organisations already use frameworks or best practices alongside IT Service Management (ITSM). VeriSM™ is a brand new approach which has been created to bring all of these things together, helping you to make sense of it all and combining these practices to add value.

VeriSM™ acknowledges the value of what has gone before, and provides you with a modern approach to IT Service Management (ITSM) to make sure you are ready for the Digital Transformation.

Purple Griffon offer the following easy and affordable VeriSM™ online training courses, where you can become certified from the comfort of your own home or office:

Start your VeriSM™ journey today and your brand new VeriSM™ qualification could be earned online in just 30 or 60 days!