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MoR® Foundation

Understand The Management Of Risk (MoR®) Framework


Our three-day MoR® Foundation training course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the Management of Risk (MoR®) methodology.

We will introduce the principles, approach, process, and embedding and reviewing MoR® which form the core concepts of MoR®.

Our MoR® Foundation training course will also explain how MoR® is important throughout the organisation, from strategic, programme, project and operational perspectives.

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You can book this course and hold it in credit until you have decided on a specific course date. Alternatively, please view our other course dates.
Exam Included
3 Days
£2105Excl. VAT

Course Syllabus

Our MoR® Foundation training course will cover the following topics:

Introduction to MoR®

You will be introduced to the world of Risk Management and the MoR® framework. Understanding what a risk is and why and when we should do risk management and how Risk management is part of Corporate Governance & Internal Control.

MoR® Principles

MoR® principles are essential for the development and maintenance of good risk management. They are intended to guide an organisation to develop its own approach to meet their specific needs.

  • Aligns with objectives
  • Fits the context
  • Engages stakeholders
  • Provides clear guidance
  • Informs decision making
  • Facilitates continual improvement
  • Creates a supportive culture
  • Achieves measurable value

MoR® Approach

  • The way an organisation implements the principles are described in their approach documents and support documentation
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Process Guide
  • Strategies
  • Risk Register
  • Issue Register
  • Risk Improvement Plan
  • Risk Response plan
  • Risk Reports
  • Risk Communication plan
  • MoR® Process

The MoR® Process is divided into four main steps of:

  • Identify
  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Implement

Focusing on the goals and tasks of each steps, the inputs needed to carry out the step, the outputs produced and the various techniques that may be applied.

MoR® Perspectives

The way in which the principles, approach and process are applied will vary according to the perspective in which they being carried out.

  • Strategic
  • Programme
  • Project
  • Operational

Embedding and Reviewing MoR®

Embedding and Reviewing MoR® looks at the need to embed Risk management into the culture and the how this can be achieved through regular reviews and improvements.

  • Embedding the principles
  • Changing the culture for risk management
  • Measuring the value of risk management
  • Overcoming common process barriers
  • Identifying and establishing opportunities for change
  • Health check
  • Risk management maturity model

Learning Outcomes

At the end of our MoR® Foundation training course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the terminology that is used within MoR®
  • Understand the principles for the development of good risk management practices
  • Design an approach to risk management to improve performance
  • Identify and assess risks, then plan and implement risk responses
  • Establish current practices using MoR® health check and maturity model
  • Identify opportunities and ways to improve Risk management
  • Understand the importance of Risk Specialisms

Who Should Attend

Our MoR® Foundation training course is suitable for:

  • Corporate Managers
  • Programme Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Operational Managers
  • All personnel who have a responsibility for the Management of Risk within your organisation

What's Included

Our MoR® Foundation training course includes the following:

  • Full Materials
  • Comprehensive Course Workbook
  • MoR® Foundation Examination

Entry-Level Requirements

There are no formal entry-level requirements for our MoR® Foundation training course.

Recommended Reading

You will need to complete additional evening work n the form of consolidation reading and mock examination questions. The evening work is an integral part of our MoR® Foundation training course and you should expect to spend approximately two hours on the activities.

Exam Information

MoR® Foundation Examination:

  • One Hour
  • Closed Book
  • 75 Multiple-Choice Questions
  • 50% Pass Mark

PeopleCert exams take place remotely via PeopleCert Online Proctoring and can be taken any time after the last day of your course that will finish approximately at 4.00pm.

Exam Type

Proctored Exam


MoR® Foundation Certificate

What's Next

Our two-day MoR® Practitioner training course will build on the knowledge established on our MoR® Foundation course.

Additional Information

Our MoR® Foundation training course will help you to understand the benefits of adopting the MoR® methodology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our MoR® Foundation training course is delivered over three days.

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