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AXELOS ProPath Certification Scheme

ProPath Certifications Training Courses

AXELOS ProPath Certification Scheme

ProPath: The New Level Of Project Management

Say hello to professional progress with ProPath, a collection of the world's most powerful project, programme and portfolio best practice certifications, for those serious about meaningful organisational change.

The all-new AXELOS ProPath brings together the world’s leading project, programme, and portfolio best practice certifications for the breadth of skills you need to deliver meaningful organisational change, one powerful step at a time.

Official AXELOS ProPath Diagram

ProPath has been designed to provide a progressive development structure of best practice certifications, encompassing proven methods and frameworks for planning and directing change, monitoring progress, taking corrective action, and aligning work with an organisation’s strategic objectives. Everything is informed by real-world experience and focused on the delivery of real-world outcomes with a global perspective

Official AXELOS ProPath Diagram

The ProPath Certification Routes

There are three ProPath routes to choose from:

ProPath Agile Project Expert

Created for professionals that are passionate about the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile Project Management, ProPath Agile Project Expert provides the skills and guidance to help maximise benefits and manage risk, with agile delivery techniques.

Certifications Required:

ProPath Project Expert

Designed for Project Management Professionals that are looking for a holistic view of their projects, ProPath Project Expert strengthens the ability to deliver consistent results and helps maximise benefits and efficiencies, whilst managing risk.

Certifications Required:

ProPath Programme Leader

Crafted for professionals that are looking to increase their ability to manage the complexities of multiple projects and programmes, whilst controlling the impact of risk and maintaining alignment with corporate strategy.

Certifications Required:

From here, you can then progress to ProPath Certified Portfolio Director.

ProPath Certified Portfolio Director

Once you've earned your status as a ProPath Programme Leader, as well as ProPath Project Expert, or ProPath Agile Project Expert, you'll be invited to apply to become a ProPath Certified Portfolio Director - the ultimate designation in project, programme, and portfolio management.

With this industry-leading endorsement behind you, you'll operate as a key player for change within your organisation - using your significant expertise to plan, direct, monitor and correct the course of change - to ensure extraordinary outcomes for your organisation, and for yourself.

It All Starts With A Step

In these uncertain times, organisations are looking to individuals with proven skills to help them reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and make sound investments for the future.

And so now more than ever, it pays to extend the breadth and depth of your existing expertise, and demonstrate your commitment to best practice.

In short, those who embark on a ProPath journey will go further and achieve more.

The first step, is to choose your path...

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