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ProPath Programme Leader Bundle Training Course

Learn How To Manage The Complexities Of Multiple Projects & Programmes


Say hello to professional progress with ProPath, a collection of the world's most powerful project, programme and portfolio best practice certifications, for those serious about meaningful organisational change.

The all-new AXELOS ProPath brings together the world’s leading project, programme, and portfolio best practice certifications for the breadth of skills you need to deliver meaningful organisational change, one powerful step at a time.

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Exam Included
15 Days
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Course Outline

The ProPath Programme Leader Bundle will include the following training courses:


The ProPath Certification Routes

There are three ProPath routes to choose from:

  • ProPath Agile Project Expert
  • ProPath Project Expert
  • ProPath Programme Leader

The ProPath Programme Leader Bundle was crafted for professionals that are looking to increase their ability to manage the complexities of multiple projects and programmes, whilst controlling the impact of risk and maintaining alignment with corporate strategy.

About the Course

Official AXELOS ProPath Diagram

ProPath has been designed to provide a progressive development structure of best practice certifications, encompassing proven methods and frameworks for planning and directing change, monitoring progress, taking corrective action, and aligning work with an organisation’s strategic objectives. Everything is informed by real-world experience and focused on the delivery of real-world outcomes with a global perspective

Official AXELOS ProPath Diagram

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Managers wishing to gain an understanding of possible structures for supporting business change and the type and level of support that can be provided by Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices
  • Senior Managers, Programme and Project Managers who require an understanding of how portfolio and programme offices can add value and enhance the delivery of strategic business change, benefits and capability
  • Managers and/or staff who have been tasked to create delivery support structures and mechanisms within their organisation
  • Experienced portfolio or programme office managers who need to review, revitalise or tailor current portfolio or programme office provision
  • Portfolio office or programme office staff who need to understand the importance of their role
  • Staff responsible for programme/project assurance

Materials Provided

  • MoP® Combined Foundation & Practitioner Training Course
  • MoP® Combined Foundation & Practitioner Examination
  • MSP® Combined Foundation & Practitioner Training Course
  • MSP® Combined Foundation & Practitioner Examination
  • P3O® Combined Foundation & Practitioner Training Course
  • P3O® Combined Foundation & Practitioner Examination

Organisational Benefits

  • Establish, develop and maintain appropriate support structures to facilitate decision making, benefits realisation and successful delivery of projects and programmes.
  • Assure that a joined-up set of outcomes and benefits is measured, managed, monitored and refined to ensure that optimal investment and strategic goals are achieved.
  • Deliver strategy, reduce benefits loss and deliver programmes and projects more effectively.
  • Provide assurance, coaching and mentoring to build a workforce capable of first-class programme and project delivery.
  • Protect revenue and spend while enhancing value for money.

Individual Benefits

  • Ensure consistent delivery of projects and programmes and meet business objectives through effect use of resources.
  • Develop capability, capacity and risk models to suit the organisational maturity culture.
  • Help identify potential opportunities to be realised, exploited or enhanced as part of risk analysis.
  • Ensure that the strategies and performance requirements of your organisation are realised via projects, programmes and operational business units.
  • Improve organisational accountability, decision making, transparency and visibility.


For the ProPath Programme Leader Bundle: You will be expected to pass the Foundation examinations, in order to sit on the Practitioner parts of the training course.


You will be provided with pre-course study materials via email.

Exam Overview

MoP® Combined Foundation & Practitioner Examination:

All delegates will be given the opportunity to sit the MoP® Foundation examination in the late afternoon of the third day of the course. The MoP® Foundation exam consists of:

  • 50 multiple choice questions
  • 40 minutes
  • Closed-book
  • Candidates require a minimum of 25 correct answers (50%) to pass.

The Foundation exam is marked and provisional results are given to all candidates before the end of the third day.

Successful Foundation candidates will be given the opportunity to sit the MoP® practitioner examination in the morning of the last day of the course. The MoP® practitioner exam consists of:

  • 80 multiple choice questions
  • 3 hours
  • Open-book
  • Candidates require a minimum of 40 correct answers (50%) to pass.

The Practitioner paper is marked and results normally release two weeks after.

MSP® Combined Foundation & Practitioner Examination:

MSP® Foundation Examination:

  • 75 question multiple choice examination which involves 5 trial questions
  • The examination duration is 1 hour
  • The pass mark Is 35 out of 70 (50% pass mark)

MSP® Practitioner Examination:

  • 80 Question - Object Test Examination
  • The pass mark is 40 out of 80 (50% pass mark)

P3O® Combined Foundation & Practitioner Examination:

  • The P3O® Foundation examination will be taken on the afternoon of day three of the course. The exam is a multiple choice exam consisting of 75 questions that must be answered in 1 hour. To be successful in this exam the delegate must correctly answer 35 or more questions. Delegates will be informed of their indicative result before they leave the course.
  • The P3O® Practitioner examination will be taken on the afternoon of day five of the course. The exam is a multiple choice exam consisting of 80 marks (4 questions with 20 marks per question) that must be answered in 2 ½ hours. To be successful in this exam the delegate must get 40 or more marks. The exam allows the use of the 2013 version of the P3O manual. Delegates will be informed of their result by the examining body, normally within four weeks of course completion

Exam Type

Classroom Exam

Professional Development Units - PDUs

There are no Professional Qualification Credits associated with the ProPath Programme Leader Bundle.


MoP® Combined Foundation & Practitioner Certificate, MSP® Combined Foundation & Practitioner Certificate, P3O® Combined Foundation & Practitioner Certificate

Next Steps

To apply to become a ProPath Certified Programme Director, you will first need to have earned:

✔️ProPath Project Expert OR ProPath Agile Project Expert

✔️ProPath Programme Leader

Once you've earned your status as a ProPath Programme Leader, as well as ProPath Project Expert, or ProPath Agile Project Expert, you'll be invited to apply to become a ProPath Certified Portfolio Director - the ultimate designation in project, programme, and portfolio management.


With this industry-leading endorsement behind you, you'll operate as a key player for change within your organisation - using your significant expertise to plan, direct, monitor and correct the course of change - to ensure extraordinary outcomes for your organisation, and for yourself.

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