Introduction To SQL Training Course

Understand SQL Concepts​ And Take Your SQL Skills To The Next Level


Our 1-day Introduction To SQL training course will teach you about using ANSI standard SQL. You will cover topics such as concepts, functions and queries, along with others.

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1 Day
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Course Outline

You will cover the following topics during this training course:

  • Relational Databases
  • Indexes
  • Primary And Foreign Keys
  • Rows, Columns And Tables
  • Column Aliases
  • Select And From Clauses
  • The Having Clause
  • Joining Tables
  • Inner And Outer Joins


SQL is used to communicate with a database and SQL statements are used to perform tasks such as update data on a database or retrieve data from a database.

This Introduction To SQL training session has been specifically designed for professional's whose job role is expanding to encompass key database elements.

About the Course

Our highly experienced tutors will show you how to read and write good SQL for querying and help you to understand fundamental SQL database concepts.

Who Should Attend

This training session is ideal for those for a need a basic understanding of the SQL language and for those who are moving into a database role or whose role has expanded to include database technologies.

Materials Provided

  • Full Materials Including Comprehensive Course Workbook
  • Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable Tutors
  • Refreshments

Organisational Benefits

We all know there is a lot of data in the World and SQL databases are often the backbone of an organisation's IT architecture.

SQL Has A Proven Track Record Of Producing The Least Vulnerable Databases - Your organisation can rely on a database with the least vulnerabilities of any major platform while being the most widely used database on the planet.

SQL Delivers A Consistent Experience Both On Premises And Cloud - Your employees can tackle your mission-critical workloads with larger virtual machine size and use the skills already have with common development and management tools.

Individual Benefits

Why Should You Learn SQL? Here are some of the benefits of SQL training:

SQL Is One Of The Most Sought-After By Hiring Employers - Employers are seeking out individuals who know SQL and you will be able to earn a higher salary. If you are looking to move to another organisation, learning SQL makes you a highly sought after prospect.

You Will Be Able To Get An To Any Question That You Ask - Think about all of the question you ask about your precious data on a regular basis. Once you identify the database that stores the data you want, SQL empowers you to answer your own questions and you will no longer wait on colleagues to send you a report.

You Will No Longer Have To Deal With Excel Crashing - Ever crashed your Excel spreadsheet because you had too many rows? SQL allows you to perform operations on this vast amount of data without having to worry about crashing a program not designed for that amount of information. Microsoft Excel is a great tool but relational databases are designed for those larger operations and SQL is the language that allows you to complete them.


There are no formal prerequisites for this introductory course and therefore only requires general computer literacy.


You will not have to review any prereading materials before attending this SQL training course.

Exam Overview

Please Note: There is no examination included in the price of our Introduction To SQL training course.

Exam Type

No Exam

Professional Development Units - PDUs

There are no Professional Qualification Credits associated with this course.


​There is no examination included in the price of our Introduction To SQL​​ training course.​​

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Upon completing of this course, you will have an understanding of the essential concepts of SQL, giving them a foundation for further education.

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