Agile Scrum Quiz Questions and Answers

How well do you know the Agile Scrum methodology? Scrum is a framework that helps teams work together and is part of the Agile group of methodologies, which has been shaping the World of Software Development since the 90’s. Our free online 12- question Agile Scrum Mini Quiz will help you to practice Agile Scrum and master it. So, go ahead – take the quiz!
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Question 1 ID: 727

Is face-to-face communication a core Agile principle?

A. Yes
B. No Way!


Question 2 ID: 731

In Scrum, when is a Sprint over?

A. When all of the Sprint Backlog items are completed
B. When the time box has expired
C. When the Product Owner ends the Sprint
D. When the final testing is completed


Question 3 ID: 729

What happens when all of the Sprint items cannot be completed?

A. The Sprint should be cancelled
B. The Sprint should be extended
C. The unfinished Sprint items are removed from the Sprint backlog
D. Start the next Sprint with the unfinished items first
E. The Sprint ends with the done items and uncompleted items are moved back to the Product Backlog


Question 4 ID: 730

Which of the following are responsibilities of a Scrum Master?

A. Implement project management best practices
B. Keep all parties on track and informed
C. Introduce Agile engineering practices
D. All of the above


Question 5 ID: 725

Should the Product Owner participate in daily stand-ups?

A. Yes
B. No Way!


Question 6 ID: 733

When is a Sprint allowed to be cancelled?

A. A Sprint can never be cancelled
B. If there are insufficient resources on the Development Team
C. Information to start the development is not available
D. When the Product Owner makes the decision to cancel the Sprint


Question 7 ID: 728

Who is required to attend the daily stand-up meeting?

A. The Development Team
B. The Scrum Team
C. The Development Team & Product Owner
D. The Development Team & Scrum Master
E. The Stakeholders


Question 8 ID: 736

Which of the following is a popular certification associated with the Scrum methodology?

A. Scrum Expert
B. Scrum Master
C. Scrum Manager
D. Scrum Practitioner


Question 9 ID: 735

What is a burndown graph?

A. A Sprint plan which is burned to celebrate the successful completion of a Sprint
B. The trend of work remaining across time in a Sprint, a release, or a product
C. The trend of work completed across time in a Sprint, a release, or a product
D. A graph used to measure the burnout of the Development Team due to the fast paced nature of a Sprint


Question 10 ID: 726

Which of the following is not a Scrum Artifact?

A. Product Backlog
B. Burndown
C. Sprint Backlog
D. Sprint Increment


Question 11 ID: 734

When is the Sprint Retrospective performed?

A. At the Development Team’s request
B. At the Product Owner’s request
C. At the Scrum Master’s request
D. The start of every Sprint
E. The end of every Sprint


Question 12 ID: 732

Who is responsible for measuring the performance of a project?

A. The Delivery Manager
B. The Scrum Master
C. The Product Owner
D. The Development Team