COBIT 5 Foundation Quiz Questions and Answers

Are you getting ready to take your COBIT 5 Foundation examination? Our 16-question COBIT 5 Foundation Mini Quiz is the best place to start to practice for your COBIT 5 Foundation certification process.
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Question 1 ID: 787

Which statement refers to a key component of a Governance system?

A. Stakeholder Transparency
B. Evaluate, Direct & Monitor
C. Plan, Build, Run & Monitor
D. Effective Use Of All Resources


Question 2 ID: 781

Which statement is correct about the 3 COBIT Guides (Process Assessment Model, Assessor Guide, Self-Assessment Guide)?

A. The Process Assessment Model (PAM) is assessed by the Assessor Guide
B. The Program Assessment Model does NOT have any value without the Assessor Guide
C. The Self-Assessment Guide is the same as the Assessor Guide, but used internally in an organisation
D. The Self-Assessment Guide can be used to prepare for a formal Process Capability Assessment


Question 3 ID: 786

Why is a Process Capability Assessment performed?

A. To identify process improvement
B. To make a cost-benefit analysis of the process
C. To the judge the quality of the people executing the process
D. To define the metrics of the process


Question 4 ID: 791

What is the most suitable process domain for skills, such as Portfolio Management?

A. Monitor, Evaluate & Assess (MEA)
B. Deliver, Service & Support (DSS)
C. Build, Acquire & Implement (BAI)
D. Align, Plan & Organise (APO)


Question 5 ID: 780

What is the name given to an enterprise communication mechanism for corporate values and desired behaviour?

A. Process Outcomes
B. Organisational Structures
C. Principles & Policies
D. Rules & Norms


Question 6 ID: 782

What is NOT a benefit to the enterprise of using the COBIT 5 Framework?

A. COBIT 5 is first and foremost a business framework
B. COBIT 5 is a framework to be used mainly for IT Service Management
C. COBIT 5 enables IT to be managed in a holistic manner
D. COBIT 5 encourages a common language through the enterprise


Question 7 ID: 784

What role is the most senior official in the organisation who is responsible for aligning IT and business strategies?

A. Business Executive
B. Head Of Architecture
C. Chief Information Officer (CIO)
D. Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Question 8 ID: 785

What term is used to describe projects that are duplicated which may indicate a need for improved governance of enterprise IT?

A. Mergers & Acquisitions
B. Pain Points
C. Trigger Events
D. IT Risk


Question 9 ID: 792

What is the purpose of the Goals Cascade?

A. Consider the inputs and outputs of an IT process in the enterprise
B. Define and implement the Enterprise Architecture of an Enterprise
C. Support alignment between enterprise needs and IT solutions and services
D. Support the definition of clear roles and responsibilities in an enterprise


Question 10 ID: 790

Which aspect relates to the COBIT 5 key principle ‘Applying a Single Integrated Framework’?

A. Aligns with the latest views on Governance
B. Provides a simple architecture
C. Translates stakeholder needs into strategy
D. Defines the relationship between Governance and Management


Question 11 ID: 788

Who is responsible for monitoring activities to achieve enterprise objectives in the Governance approach?

A. Governing Body
B. Operations
C. Stakeholders
D. Management


Question 12 ID: 779

What type of process goal is compliant with external rules?

A. Intrinsic
B. Business
C. Contextual
D. Accessibility & Security


Question 13 ID: 789

Which statement is NOT a reason why COBIT 5 is an integrated framework?

A. It is complete in enterprise coverage
B. Provides a simple architecture
C. Has to be used with other standards
D. Operates with previous ISACA frameworks


Question 14 ID: 777

Which requirement was a major driver for developing the COBIT 5 framework?

A. To encourage a common language throughout the enterprise to allow better understanding of IT by stakeholders
B. To be generic and useful for enterprises of all sizes, whether commercial, not-for-profit or in the public sector
C. To provide further guidance in areas with high interest, such as enterprise architecture
D. To enable enterprises to achieve operational excellence through the reliable and efficient application of technology


Question 15 ID: 778

Which question is valid to ask when establishing how to manage the enabler performance?

A. Are good practices applied?
B. Is security ensured?
C. Are operations efficient?
D. Is performance monitored?


Question 16 ID: 783

How is the Governance objective of Value Creation met?

A. By realising benefits
B. By optimising resources
C. By optimising risk
D. All of the above