CompTIA A+ Quiz Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test your CompTIA A+ knowledge? Our CompTIA A+ Quiz contains 30 free practice questions that you can use to prepare for your final exam.
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Question 1 ID: 390

What does the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol use?

A. Port 23

B. Port 42

C. Port 69

D. Port 22


Question 2 ID: 404

What cabling types provide(s) protection against an signal interference?


B. Coaxial

C. Fiber-Optic



Question 3 ID: 387

What Is the number of contact pins used in SDR SDRAM modules?

A. 144

B. 168

C. 182

D. 270


Question 4 ID: 383

Which of the terms listed below refers to an automated installation process that relies on an answer file and does not require user interaction or presence?

A. Clean Installation

B. Remote Network Installation

C. Repair Installation

D. Unattended Installation


Question 5 ID: 377

What resources can be used by an Operating System (OS) to communicate with hardware?

A. Device Drivers & System BIOS

B. Device Manager & Secure Shell (SSH)

C. Command-Line Interface (CLI)


Question 6 ID: 384

For CPUs without integrated memory controller, which part of the chipset manages communication between the CPU and memory?

A. I/O Controller Hub (ICH)

B. Fusion Controller Hub (FCH)

C. Northbridge

D. Southbridge


Question 7 ID: 397

Which key or key combination should be pressed during system boot in Windows XP/Vista/7 to enable access to the ‘Startup Repair’ utility?

A. F1

B. Ctrl + Shift + Esc

C. Ctrl + K

D. Shift + F8

E. F8


Question 8 ID: 396

Which of these hardware-related solutions can be used in troubleshooting failed system boot process?

A. Log Analysis

B. Command-Line Interface

C. Hard Drive Replacement

D. Drive Cable/Connector Check


Question 9 ID: 382

Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) and Apple NetBoot are two examples of technologies that enable booting a computer system with the use of a network interface.

A. True

B. False


Question 10 ID: 402

What is the ability to replace computer system components without causing interruption to the system known as?

A. Hot Swapping

B. Hardware Acceleration

C. Boot Sequence

D. Cold Plugging


Question 11 ID: 391

What is IMAP4 used for?

A. Serving Web Pages

B. Sending Email Messages

C. Translating Domain Names Into IP Addresses

D. Retrieving Email Messages From A Mail Server


Question 12 ID: 393

CMOS settings can be set to factory defaults by:

A. Using A Jumper That Can Be Found On The Motherboard

B. Resetting The CMOS Battery On The Motherboard

C. Change Settings In Windows Device Manager

D. Choosing The Default Configuration Option In The CMOS Setup Utility


Question 13 ID: 395

A type of software that manages the startup sequence of an operating system is known as:

A. OS Kernel

B. Startup BIOS

C. System BIOS

D. Boot Loader


Question 14 ID: 380

Which of the answers listed below describe(s) the features of Windows XP Mode?

A. Available For Microsoft Windows 7

B. Fully-Licensed Version Of Windows XP

C. Requires Windows Virtual PC

D. Available For Microsoft Windows 8/8.1

E. Fully-Functional Version Of Windows XP

F. Guest OS Run In A Virtual Environment

G. Compatibility Mode Setting In MS Windows OS’s


Question 15 ID: 392

What does the term ‘Blackout’ refer to?

A. Electromagnetic Interference

B. Drop In Voltage

C. Power Outage

D. Power Spike


Question 16 ID: 381

Which of the MS Windows versions listed below offers a built-in multi-monitor taskbar support feature?

A. Windows XP

B. Windows Vista

C. Windows 7

D. Windows 8/8.1


Question 17 ID: 376

The main functionality of the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is to perform the initial hardware checks after the computer is powered on and start up the operating system.

A. True

B. False


Question 18 ID: 400

What is the name of a server-dedicated CPU series designed by AMD?

A. Athlon

B. Phenom

C. Itanium

D. Sempron

E. Magnesium

F. Opteron


Question 19 ID: 388

What is the most common memory module form factor type used in laptop computers?



C. MicroDIMM



Question 20 ID: 378

In modern PCs, the procedure of replacing BIOS contents is sometimes referred to as:

A. Hard Boot

B. Direct Memory Access (DMA)

C. Overclocking

D. Flashing The BIOS


Question 21 ID: 379

Which of the following terms refer to BIOS types that can be updated without removing the BIOS chip from a motherboard?



C. Plug And Play (PnP)


E. Flash Memory


Question 22 ID: 385

In order to retain its configuration data, CMOS RAM requires constant supply of electricity which is provided by the:

A. Power Inverter

B. CMOS Battery

C. AC Adapter

D. Power Supply Unit (PSU)


Question 23 ID: 398

What is the BOOT.INI file replaced by in Windows Vista and newer releases of the Microsoft OS?



C. Boot Configuration Data (BCD) File


Question 24 ID: 399

What is the unit for measuring the speed of modern CPUs?


B. MHz


D. GHz


Question 25 ID: 394

Which of the following solutions would be the easier while troubleshooting Windows blue screen?

A. Fixboot

B. Drive Rollback

C. Safe Mode

D. System Restart


Question 26 ID: 389

What is the binary representation of subnet mask?

A. 11111111.11111111.10000000.00000000

B. 11111111.11111111.11110000.00000000

C. 11111113.11111111.11100000.00000000


Question 27 ID: 405

IPv6 addresses are expressed with the use of:

A. Octagonal Numbers

B. Decimal Numbers

C. Binary Numbers

D. Hexadecimal Numbers


Question 28 ID: 401

What are the characteristic features of Socket T?

A. LAG Packaging

B. 775 Contacts

C. 1150 Contacts

D. AMD CPU Socket

E. Intel CPU Socket

F. LGA Packaging


Question 29 ID: 403

What tools would be used to clean the inside of a laser printer?

A. Cleaning Brush

B. Can Of Compressed Air

C. Toner Vacuum

D. Cleaning Spoole


Question 30 ID: 386

A switch, button or LED on the front/top panel of a computer case has a connector linked to it that must be attached the the appropriate pins on the:

A. Power Supply

B. Expansion Slot

C. Motherboard

D. Riser Card