Cyber Security Quiz Questions and Answers

Can you protect your organisation against the latest threats? Find out how much you actually know about Cyber Security with our 12-question 'Cyber Security Mini Quiz'.
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Question 1 ID: 567

What does the term "firewall" refer to in cyber security?

A. A protective suit worn by cybersecurity professionals

B. A physical barrier around computer servers

C. A security system that monitors and controls network traffic

D. Software for preventing computer overheating


Question 2 ID: 566

What does the acronym AES stand for?

A. Automated Encryption Strength

B. Advanced Encryption Standard

C. Algorithm Encrypted System

D. Advanced Encryption Solution


Question 3 ID: 568

What is the main purpose of a "sandbox" in cyber security?

A. A secure storage for passwords

B.  Isolating and analysing suspicious or untrusted programs

C. Creating a virtual playground for ethical hackers

D. Protecting against phishing attacks


Question 4 ID: 562

What is getting connected to a system without a username or password called?

A. Null Session

B. Blank Session

C. Admin Session

D. Bot Session


Question 5 ID: 565

What is a worm that affects SQL servers?

A. SQL Slammer

B. Storm Worm

C. SQL Michelangelo

D. The Great Worm


Question 6 ID: 559

What is a computer network?

A. Internet Service Provider

B. A Quantum Computer

C. Computer/Devices That Are Connected Together

D. Fiber Optic Cables


Question 7 ID: 561

What is a group of computers networked together and used by hackers to steal information called?

A. Rootkit

B. Operating System

C. Botnet



Question 8 ID: 563

Which command can be used in DOS or Windows command Prompt to hide files?

A. Stealth [file/ directory]

B. Attrib +h [ file / directory]

C. Hide –h [file/ directory]

D. Attrib *h [ file / directory]


Question 9 ID: 1009

What is the primary purpose of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in cyber security?

A. Speed up internet connection

B. Encrypt and secure communication over the internet

C. Block malicious websites

D. Boost Wi-Fi signal strength


Question 10 ID: 560

Which of these groups exploit vulnerabilities?

A. Goverments

B. Criminals

C. Hacktivists

D. All Of The Above


Question 11 ID: 564

What type of software infects a machine, locks the files, then asks for money?

A. Worm

B. Trojan

C. Ransomware

D. Browser Hijacker


Question 12 ID: 1010

What is the purpose of a CAPTCHA in online security?

A. Detecting malware

B. Authenticating users

C. Preventing automated bots

D. Encrypting data