IT Asset Management ITAM Foundation Quiz Questions and Answers

Do you want to learn about IT Asset Management? Or are you going to be sitting the ITAM Foundation exam soon? How much do you really know about IT Asset Management? Test your knowledge with our 18-question IT Asset Management (ITAM) Foundation Mini Quiz
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Question 1 ID: 759

Which of the following is the MOST important benefit of Cloud Services?

A. Shared hardware is more cost effective than dedicated solutions.

B. It has easier safety procedures and simple connectivity.

C. Higher availability of the services.

D. Time to market and scalability of the solution.


Question 2 ID: 997

CIO / CFO need to have insight in the IT Asset portfolio. Which activities help to get that insight?

A. CIO / CFO need information or to be involved about Investment planning and risk & sustainability of IT Assets.

B. Define and continual improvement of the lifecycle and organisational strategic goals.

C. Insight in the System performance and process control of IT assets.

D. Utilisation of IT Assets in the organisation.


Question 3 ID: 753

What are the steps within the HAM Lifecycle?

A. Initiation, Design, Build, Migration, Transition, Close.

B. Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification, Maintenance.

C. Strategy, Design, Transition, Operations, Continual Service Improvement.

D. Strategy, Request, Procure, Receive, Manage, Retire.


Question 4 ID: 757

What is one of the important organisational reasons to invest in a good Software Asset Management solution?

A. It guarantees that no software penalties will be imposed.

B. It helps to achieve a good overview of the software in the organisation, which leads to optimisation of the IT infrastructure.

C. It reduces legal and financial risks for the business and its responsible management.

D. It makes efficient use of licenses and creates a well-balanced portfolio.


Question 5 ID: 755

Who are the stakeholders which IT operations require feedback from in relation to the Hardware Lifecycle process?

A. IT Service Delivery Manager, Contract Manager, Software Asset Manager, IT Manager, Policy Manager.

B. Contract Manager, Security Manager, Software Asset Manager, Financial Manager, Service Desk.

C. Project Manager, Financial Manager, HR Manager, Policy Manager, Test Manager, Service Desk.

D. Security Manager, Software Asset Manager, HR Manager, Test Manager, Service Desk.


Question 6 ID: 752

Which of the following is one of the first decisions an organisation needs to take in Hardware Asset Management?

A. The manage methodology of all IT Assets.

B. The procurement process of all IT Assets.

C. The security level on IT Assets.

D. The IT Asset types to be managed.


Question 7 ID: 1001

In what way should IT specialists be aware of IT Asset Management?

A. Consider updated and corrected inventory information.

B. Consult the IT Asset Manager for standards when deploying a hardware update.

C. Ask the asset manager for a change impact analysis when a change is considered.

D. Make sure that all software is licensed according to the contractual terms.


Question 8 ID: 996

ISO/IEC 19770 is a standard related to ITAM, what is its purpose?

A. It is a set of processes for managing IT Assets assisting in managing the risks and minimising the costs of IT assets.

B. It is an international standard for people and information asset management to availability of IT Assets.

C. It is part of best practice guidance within the ITILĀ® Framework (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).

D. It is part of information security management standard (ISO 27001) to minimise risks of IT Infrastructure.


Question 9 ID: 998

The ITAM process framework is a combination of Standards and Best Practices.

Which of the following is most important to enable the ITAM process framework?

A. Automatic discovery of Hardware, database tooling, Measure of Software utilisation.

B. Request fulfilment of IT Asset, Automatic deployment of IT Assets.

C. Risk assessment, business case templates, RACI models.

D. Service management systems, Asset discovery, deployment tools.


Question 10 ID: 758

What information is required in an audit?

A. Financial overview of purchase price on all software auditing vendors.

B. List of hardware including CPU, RAM, hard disk and manufacturer information.

C. Software usage/deployment with current user/computer.

D. Maps of IT infrastructure and IP specifications.


Question 11 ID: 1002

The role of an IT Asset Manager has a lot of challenges.

What is the biggest challenge for a starting IT Asset Manager?

A. To be compliant and to produce a monthly overview of all IT Assets and their status.

B. To clean up and dispose all overdue IT assets.

C. To get in control of all the IT assets in cooperation with all specialists involved.

D. To organise SAM tooling and to have it installed correctly.


Question 12 ID: 754

What is the objective for Hardware Disposal?

A. To prevent hardware from being reused by others.

B. To protect intellectual property and ensure software compliance.

C. To make sure that hardware which is written off financially is not in use.

D. To save space in the office, which would have been used on useless hardware.


Question 13 ID: 756

What is the purpose of Software Asset Management?

A. To avoid the use of Shadow IT.

B. To achieve risk reduction, compliance and cost control.

C. To be able to demonstrate that software is legally obtained.

D. To enhance capacity and availability planning for strategic forecasting.


Question 14 ID: 750

The ITAM process framework is tiered and combines standards and Best Practices. What tools are in this framework?

A. Auto discovery tools, database tooling, software recognition tools.

B. Capacity plans and capacity tools, end-to-end availability solutions.

C. Risk assessment tools, business case templates, RACI models.

D. Service Management systems, service monitoring tools.


Question 15 ID: 1000

IT asset management is part of the IT ECO system.

With what process management framework should IT Asset Management be primarily aligned?

A. To the business lean process model, because this aims a maximising customer value.

B. To the Risk IT framework, as this framework focuses on IT risks based upon business risks.

C. To the project in changing environment framework, as projects normally take care of installing or removing assets.

D. To the IT Service management framework because this plays a major role in managing and controlling IT assets.


Question 16 ID: 995

To get success with ITAM some key components are important. Which key components are important?

A. Good knowledge and understanding of goals, motivation and key drivers from different stakeholders.

B. Have a good relationship with publishers, vendors, customers, legal and finance.

C. Make sure all levels of IT Assets are Managed and controlled.

D. Fulfil stakeholder expectations.


Question 17 ID: 751

What does the Hardware Asset Manager need to deliver to the Software Asset Manager?

A. Documentation on relevant processes and procedures.

B. Asset lists including MAC addresses and IP addresses.

C. Trustworthy and reliable data.

D. Up-to-data data with valid sources.


Question 18 ID: 999

To start up an IT Asset Management program, the IT Asset Manager need insight.

What information from a GAP analysis is useful information to the IT Asset Manager to prepare the IT Asset Management program?

A. A project initiation (PID) plan for the implementation of IT Asset Management.

B. A list of KPIs to ensure the success of IT Assert Management.

C. A list of stakeholders and their key roles.

D. Processes already in place and which can improve the implementation of IT Asset Management program.