IT Leadership Skills Micro Quiz Questions and Answers

Are you looking to make the move from Technician to IT Manager? Do you have staff that you need to prepare to step up to the next level? You can now test your IT Leadership Skills with our new micro-quiz created by IT Service Management Guru, Noel Bruton…
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Question 1 ID: 499

We keep getting interrupted by VIPs trying to get us to give their requests top priority. As Manager, my response should be:

A. Accept these requests. After all, the VIPs are important and they have clout. If we don’t respond immediately, they’ll only complain to our boss anyway.

B. Tell them to join the queue like everybody else. After all, how would they like it if we were working on their request and we had to stop because somebody even more important told us to?

C. Look at whether we need a genuine VIP service. Calculate how much manpower it will take and ringfence it, apprising the business of what that will cost. Then make it a business, not IT responsibility, to decide whose names should be on the VIP list.


Question 2 ID: 500

When it comes to remuneration:

A. Second line techs are more valuable than first line, because they know more and they do more difficult jobs.

B. First line staff are more valuable than second, because they close more calls per man per day than they do in second line.

C. First and second line staff are of equal value.


Question 3 ID: 497

As a Support Leader wanting to improve service delivery, what should my top priority be?

A. Faithfully, follow the instructions and guidance that my boss gives me.

B. Look for opportunities to improve, and start programmes to exploit these.

C. Form a focus group of my staff, and see what they think I should do.


Question 4 ID: 498

As a Manager, my function is to:

A. Ensure that my staff are working by telling them what to do and checking their performance.

B. Hire individuals with the right skill-set and leave them to get on with it using their common sense.

C. Both, but more B than A.

D. Both, but more A than B.


Question 5 ID: 501

When it comes to marking a second-line fix as resolved:

A. The Service Desk should do it. They are closer to the customer and they ‘own’ the call. The second line should pass the resolution back to the Service Desk, who should check the customer is happy and mark the call for closure.

B. The second-line tech who provided the fix should ensure the user’s satisfaction and mark the call as resolved.

C. Marking the call as resolved is an administrative function, not a technical one and so should be done by a job co-ordinator or automated in the ITSM system.