People & Information Asset Management Quiz Questions and Answers

How much do you know about People & Information Asset Management? Test your knowledge with our 5-question People & Information Asset Management Mini Quiz.
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Question 1 ID: 992

What is a correct USB stick policy?

A. Decrypted and company owned

B. Encrypted and company owned

C. Firewall disabled and company owned

D. Firewall enabled and company owned


Question 2 ID: 993

The PINAM principles supporting productivity support access anywhere, a rich platform and cohesive collaboration.

Which important aspects of PINAM should not be sacrificed when following these principles?

A. Continuity, availability and compliance

B. Control, security and visibility

C. Cost, performance and compliance.

D. Procedures, type of hardware and internet connectivity


Question 3 ID: 991

What is an important direct benefit of People & Information Asset Management?

A. It increases employee satisfaction by managing the employee lifecycle.

B. It provides Information control including mobile content and risk reduction.

C. It provides better compliance and cost control for the organisation.

D. It helps achieving higher grip on the organisations procedures and processes by internal auditing and control.


Question 4 ID: 994

Which of the following is one of the important aspects of information categorisation?

A. What information is defined as HR / Finance/ IT / Procurement?

B. What information is directly accessible from all computers?

C. What information is important for the company?

D. What information is required by management?


Question 5 ID: 990

What is one of the most important key objectives of People & Information Asset Management?

A. Control of the license structure in (cloud) identity management systems

B. Managing the user account synchronisation in the hybrid environment

C. The balance between information agility and information security

D. The capacity management for the cloud based document management systems