PRINCE2® Foundation Quiz Questions and Answers

Now you can test your knowledge of PRINCE2® themes and processes with our interactive PRINCE2® Foundation Mini Quiz! Our PRINCE2® Foundation Mini Quiz is the ideal revision for your PRINCE2® Foundation examination…
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Question 1 ID: 475

The purpose of the […?...] theme is to define the structure of accountability and responsibilities on the project.

Identify the missing word from the sentence.

A. Risk Management

B. Organisation

C. Plan

D. Progress


Question 2 ID: 474

The purpose of the […?...] theme is to identify, assess and control uncertainty and improve the ability of the project to succeed.

Identify the missing word from the sentence.

A. Progress

B. Plan

C. Risk

D. Organisation


Question 3 ID: 469

Which mentioned plan is created in order to recover from the effect of a tolerance deviation?

A. Stage Plan

B. Team Plan

C. Exception Plan

D. Work Plan


Question 4 ID: 472

In PRINCE2®, according to the organizational theme which management level sits outside the project management team but is responsible for commissioning the project and giving overall direction?

A. Project Board

B. Team Manager

C. Corporate And Programme Management

D. Project Manager


Question 5 ID: 468

Which project management product is the project diary for the Project Manager and is used to record problems/concerns to be handled informally?

A. Issue Register

B. Product Status Account

C. Issue Report

D. Daily Log


Question 6 ID: 471

According to PRINCE2®, which team works independent of Project Management team?

A. Quality Assurance

B. Project Assurance

C. Project Support

D. Senior Supplier


Question 7 ID: 473

A PRINCE2® project’s continued business justification approved by the project management team members is documented in which management product?

A. Business Plan

B. Business Case

C. Risk Register

D. Project Synopsis


Question 8 ID: 467

According to PRINCE2® processes, during which particular process is the outline business case prepared?

A. Starting Up A Project

B. Directing A Project

C. Controlling A Project

D. Initiating A Project


Question 9 ID: 470

What levels of plan are recommended by PRINCE2®?

A. Project Plan And Stage Plan

B. Project Plan

C. Project Plan, Stage Plan And Exception Plan

D. Project Plan, Stage Plan And Team Plan

Rationale: Answer D is correct.


Question 10 ID: 476

The purpose of which plan is to provide a schedule for measuring the achievement of benefits?

A. Exception Plan

B. Project Plan

C. Benefits Review Plan

D. Initiation Stage Plan