Scrum Master Quiz Questions and Answers

Are you getting ready to take your Scrum Master examination? Or are you already a Scrum Master and want to refresh your knowledge of Scrum? Find out how much you really know about the Scrum Framework with our 16-question Scrum Master Mini quiz.
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Question 1 ID: 762

In the Agile Manifesto, what is valued over processes and tools?

A. Individuals & Interactions
B. Comprehensive Documentation
C. Contract Negotiation
D. Following A Plan


Question 2 ID: 764

Answer the blank.

Scrum is a framework within which ______, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.

A. Development Teams are tightly controlled
B. People can address complex adaptive problems
C. Business requirements are documented
D. Complex IT problems are addressed


Question 3 ID: 763

Why are Artifacts important?

A. Scrum Artifacts are unique to the Scrum Framework
B. Scrum Artifacts are designed to limit the scope
C. Scrum Artifacts provide transparency
D. Scrum Artifacts provide gateways for approval


Question 4 ID: 771

Which is one of the three pillar that uphold every implementation of empirical process control?

A. Transparency
B. Investigation
C. Application
D. Empathy


Question 5 ID: 770

What is the definition of an Increment?

A. A plan for realising the Sprint Goal
B. The sum of all the Product Backlog items completed during a Sprint
C. The set of product items selected for a Sprint
D. An ordered list of everything known to be needed in a product


Question 6 ID: 774

Which of the following is a Scrum Master responsibility that serves the Product Owner?

A. Mediator
B. Team Leader
C. Design Authority
D. Project Manager


Question 7 ID: 761

What theory does the Scrum Guide state that Scrum is founded on?

A. Optimism
B. Empiricism
C. Idealism
D. Rationalism


Question 8 ID: 773

How far ahead should the Development Team plan during a Daily Scrum?

A. The remainder of the week
B. The remainder of the Sprint
C. The next 24 hours
D. The next 48 hours


Question 9 ID: 776

Which of the following happens in a Sprint Review?

A. The Increment is released to the live environment
B. The Product Backlog is adapted if needed
C. The Sprint processes are inspected for what went well
D. Collaboration occurs on improvements to Scrum Team’s operation


Question 10 ID: 772

Answer the blank.

A Sprint is ____ during which a “Done”, useable and potentially releasable product Increment is created.

A. A time-box of one month or less
B. A 15-minute time-boxed event
C. The name of the process framework
D. A service delivery method


Question 11 ID: 775

A number of stakeholders have agreed that one of the items in the Backlog should be given a higher priority. Who should this be discussed with?

A. Product Owner
B. Budget Holder
C. Development Team
D. Scrum Master


Question 12 ID: 768

Who is the owner of the Sprint Backlog?

A. Product Owner
B. Development Team
C. Scrum Master
D. Scrum Team


Question 13 ID: 765

Why is a Daily Scrum event held?

A. To enable the Scrum Master to manage the work of the Development Team
B. To highlight that the Development Team is using the Scrum Framework
C. To enable other stakeholders to contribute to the creation of the increment
D. To optimise the probability of the Sprint Goal being achieved


Question 14 ID: 766

Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of the Scrum Master?

A. Manage the Scrum Team
B. Help everyone to understand Scrum rules
C. Improve how others interact with the Scrum Team
D. Promote and support the use of Scrum


Question 15 ID: 767

Which of the following is a Scrum Event?

A. Sprint Goal
B. Sprint Backlog
C. Sprint
D. Increment


Question 16 ID: 769

Why is a Sprint Goal set?

A. To act as a justification enabling management to commit to a Sprint
B. It is needed as an input for Sprint Planning
C. To enable flexibility regarding the way items are implemented
D. It is used for estimating the capacity of the Development Team