Service & Cloud Asset Management Quiz Questions and Answers

How much do you know about Service & Cloud Asset Management? Test your knowledge with our 5-question Service & Cloud Asset Management Mini Quiz.
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Question 1 ID: 988

What are pitfalls of Cloud services?

A. Changing environment and lack of control.

B. Data safety cannot be provided, as it is unknown where data is stored.

C. Loss of control on compliance, version updates and influence.

D. Lower availability which cannot be upgraded.


Question 2 ID: 987

What does a Platform as a Service (PaaS) include?

A. Provider network, servers, storage, business applications

B. Computers, virtual machines, Infrastructure, firewalls

C. Provider network, servers, storage, tools

D. Provider network, computer, virtual machines, firewalls


Question 3 ID: 989

Which of the following should be included in a pre-analysis before negotiation?

A. Contractual terms, regulations and financial savings

B. Cost realisation, environment structure and support channels

C. Financial savings / costs, risks and resources to manage the contract

D. How to plan the change, environmental structure and operational optimisations


Question 4 ID: 986

What is the most important benefit of Cloud services?

A. Shared hardware is always cheaper than dedicated solutions

B. Easier safety procedures and simple connectivity

C. Higher availability of the services

D. Agility and scalability of the solution


Question 5 ID: 985

A Service Agenda must be defined and specifies how to deliver the services. What should NOT part of the Services Agenda?

A. Payment terms

B. Access from multiple platforms

C. Exit clause

D. Data ownership