Service Delivery Manager Quiz Questions and Answers

Although the role of the Service Delivery Manager (SDM) will vary from organisation to organisation, there are certain Best Practices which are common to the majority of SDMs...
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Question 1 ID: 292

It’s important for a SDM to manage Customer Satisfaction, true or false?

A) False: The Account Manager manages Customer Satisfaction by ensuring that the customer gets value for money.

B) True: It is core to the role of the SDM to manage Customer Satisfaction and ensure that it is monitored, measured and reported on.

C) False: Customer Satisfaction is not a key factor in the role of the SDM as the customer will always complain even if their satisfaction level is high

D) False: Customer Satisfaction is not important.


Question 2 ID: 344

A ‘value network’ is best described as

A) A sequence of processes that creates a product or service that is of value to a customer. Each step of the sequence builds on the previous steps and contributes to the overall product or service

B) A complex set of relationships between two or more groups or organisations. Value is generated through exchange of knowledge, information, goods or services

C) How communications hardware and software is assembled to give maximum transactional throughput per unit cost.

D) Common directions, policies and rules that both the business and IT use to conduct business


Question 3 ID: 287

Which skills and knowledge are most important for a SDM?

A) Interpersonal skills

B) An appropriate level of technical awareness and knowledge

C) Analytical, reasoning and organisation skills

D) All of the above, and more


Question 4 ID: 342

You have just been moved from a technical team leader role to a customer facing SDM role supporting just one very important external customer. You have been asked by your manager what your first steps will be. How do you answer?

A) Run…

B) State that there is no virtually no difference in the role so it’s just business as usual

C) Say that you’ll need to see the customer contract and access to any recent communications with the customer regarding recent service delivery challenges and how they have been dealt with. You’ll then need to arrange a meeting with the customer to introduce yourself and understand their perspective of the current customer/supplier relationship.

D) Ask to book yourself on a raft of customer relationship training courses before even considering talking to the customer.


Question 5 ID: 340

The main purpose of a Service Delivery Manager is best described as…

A) A customer facing role supporting the delivery of services

B) A single point of contact for all customer complaints

C) The first point of contact for all service affecting Incidents

D) A single point of contact for all service requests


Question 6 ID: 285

Which internal IT Service Management processes and roles are most closely linked to Service Delivery Management?

A) Only IT Financial Management and Change Management

B) All IT processes, roles and functions that support and underpin the delivery of the service

C) None, Service Delivery Managers work on their own with no interface to supporting processes or functions

D) Only Service Level Managers


Question 7 ID: 284

Customer Service value is best described as?

A) The ability of the customer to achieve their required business outcomes

B) The functionality of the service

C) Having sufficient capacity, availability and continuity

D) The highest level of service at the lowest possible cost


Question 8 ID: 289

Which training would be most appropriate to a Service Delivery Manager

A) IT Service Management training (ITIL® Framework)

B) Project Management

C) People Management skills

D) Communications skills


Question 9 ID: 343

The value of a service is best described as

A) The ability of a supplier to meet the requirements of a customer

B) The ability of a supplier to meet the requirements of a user

C) The ability of a customer to achieve the greatest possible availability at the minimal cost from the supplier

D) The ability of a customer to meet to achieve their business outcomes through the use of a service


Question 10 ID: 286

In the event that one of your major customers suffers a service outage, which is the best course of action to take?

A) To keep them informed of progress in restoring the service and the likely service restoration time

B) To ensure that any blame for the outage is laid off to a subcontractor

C) To ensure that the SLA is achieved despite this outage

D) Leave the phone off the hook


Question 11 ID: 341

Which do you think is the most important skill for a new Service Delivery Manager to develop first?

A) Analytical Skills

B) Communication Skills

C) Leadership Skills

D) Project Management Skills


Question 12 ID: 288

The best way to communicate with customers is…

A) From a distance

B) As often as possible

C) As appropriate to their business needs

D) Once a month at the Service Review Meeting


Question 13 ID: 283

Which of these statements is correct?

A) The role of an SDM can only ever be outward facing with external customers

B) SDMs are never customer facing

C) The role of an SDM is only ever inward facing with internal customers

D) The roles of the SDM can be both inward and outward facing and will vary organisation to organisation


Question 14 ID: 290

If a customer complains about the level of service delivery, should you…

A) Refute any complaint immediately

B) Log the complaint, investigate and escalate as appropriate, report back to the customer on progress and actions that will be undertaken regarding the complaint. Ensure actions have been taken and close the complaint record

C) Log the complaint.

D) Escalate immediately to the Service (Help) Desk and leave them to deal with the complaint.


Question 15 ID: 291

As an SDM in a Managed Service Provider which is undergoing major change due to a merger with another Manager Service Provider, should the customer be informed?

A) No, as they may decide the risk is too high and look for another service provider

B) No, it is none of their business and they would not be interested

C) Yes, the customer should be made aware, but only after the merger has taken place

D) Yes, the customer should be made aware of what is about to happen and how the merger may affect services delivered to them, and any changes which will occur.