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Learn How To Remove "Waste" & Optimise Processes With Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Our two-day Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course is designed to provide you with a good understanding of the basic Lean Six Sigma methods and prepare you not only to participate as contributors to Lean Six Sigma projects, but also to start to address simple improvements in your own working area.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt's are not experts in the methodology, but understand the activities, deliverables and key concepts of Team problem-solving.

Please Note: There is no formal examination at the end of our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course. A certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of the training course.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Our five-day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course provides the skills necessary to successfully complete DMAIC projects, including basic knowledge of planning, team problem-solving methods and improvement strategies.

Please Note: Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training course includes a refresher of the content encountered in the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are specialists in executing Lean Six Sigma Projects. With the right combination of specialist expertise, statistical analysis and Lean Six Sigma methodology, you will be able to achieve significant improvements in performance and quality.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Lean and Six Sigma are both proven business Improvement approaches which provide businesses with the ability to maximise customer, employee and shareholder value by minimising process variation and waste.

Our ten-day Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training course will enable you to become self-sufficient process improvement practitioners with the capability to analyse opportunities and deliver solutions.

Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training course provides experienced Lean Six Sigma Green Belt's with the necessary tools and techniques to manage improvement resources to deliver major projects.


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We can create a personalised training path for you based on your job role.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Lean Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma focuses on reducing process variation and improving process control, whereas lean drives out waste and promotes workload procedures and flow. The difference between Six Sigma and lean have blurred over time, hence lean sigma six.

Often organisations start by implementing lean in the form of kanban boards and reducing non-value added processes and procedures (waste). Whereas six sigma is a quantitative method to improve efficiency.