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BCS Foundation Award - Understanding The Role Of Ethics In The Responsible Use Of AI Training Course

Discover How An Ethical Culture Leads To The Sustainable And Responsible Use Of AI


BCS Membership Offer: If you do not hold a BCS certification and successfully pass the examination for this training course - you will be given one year's complementary BCS Membership. This offer is only valid for your first BCS qualification.

The BCS Foundation Award - Understanding The Role Of Ethics In The Responsible Use Of AI is designed for anyone wishing to gain an understanding of how an ethical culture can support and ensure responsible use of AI.

AI is increasing in its use. Now a presence within our workplaces and our homes, there is a greater need now more than ever to understand the moral implications associated with AI and how it is impacting on society.

This award considers the responsibility of organisations and society towards ensuring AI is implemented for the good of others. It considers the potential harm AI may pose, and the safeguards that can be implemented to ensure it is used safely, ethically and for the good of society. Candidates will be encouraged to explore the benefits associated with AI and the potential value it can add towards the continued evolution of humankind if managed well.

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3 Days
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Course Outline

1. The Impact And Level Of Responsibility Of AI In Business

You will be able to:

1.1 Identify the levels of responsibility AI has and explain the impact on the business.

1.2 Explain the difficulty with establishing ownership of AI and where the responsibility lies.

1.3 Explain the need for a business to define appropriate use of AI.

1.4 Determine the need for protecting wider society

1.5 Describe the typical roles in implementing and using AI.

2. Scaling Up The Impact And Responsibility Of AI To Society

You will be able to:

2.1 Explain the importance of respecting the concerns of AI in society.

2.2 Describe the importance of sustainability and how this relates to AI.

2.3 Identify the applicable standards and legislation that affect the use and build of AI.

2.4 Identify ethical behaviours required to deal with different situations.

3. Potential Harm And Safeguards

You will be able to:

3.1 Identify the areas of concern with AI development.

3.2 Explain how an ethics first culture can reduce concerns in these areas.

3.3 Describe key aspects of a visible ethical AI Culture.

3.4 Explain the role corporate governance has in supporting responsible AI.

4. The Role Of Humans In An AI World

You will be able to:

4.1 Describe the level of responsibility of humans as we move towards a more automated world.

4.2 Recognise how AI allows the human to elevate their position.

4.3 Identify the strengths of the human in an AI world.


This award sits within the Ethics area of the AI Foundation Pathway and demonstrates how the societal impact of AI will be controlled by human interaction.

You'll about:

  • The impact of, and level of responsibility for, AI in business
  • scaling up the impact and responsibility of AI to society
  • Potential harm and safeguards
  • The role of humans in an AI world

About the Course

The The BCS Foundation Award - Understanding The Role Of Ethics In The Responsible Use Of AI has been created alongside a selection of other awards in the AI space which offer candidates a clear pathway of progression into other disciplines of IT along with a broader knowledge of AI in the workplace. This makes it ideally suited for those looking for a change in career, an up-skilling workforce, sustainable employers and individuals with a background in: science, engineering, knowledge engineering, finance, education or IT services.

Who Should Attend

  • All IT professionals who are required to operate ethically in society and in business - from service desk operative to CIO!
  • Business and digital leaders considering AI as a solution for their organisation
  • Digital practitioners looking to upskill and develop their professional credentials
  • Employees who want to understand more about the ethical impact of their work and decisions
  • Consumers who would like to be more informed in an increasingly technology-driven society

Materials Provided

  • BCS Foundation Award - Understanding The Role Of Ethics In The Responsible Use Of AI Materials
  • BCS Foundation Award - Understanding The Role Of Ethics In The Responsible Use Of AI Examination

Organisational Benefits

Organisations will benefit by:

  • Having staff that are aware of the capabilities of AI and how it can contribute to organisational success
  • Compete in an advanced technological future
  • Use AI to increase efficiency and reduce costs

Individual Benefits

Individuals will benefit by:

  • Having an up to date understanding of AI
  • Being able to identify opportunities to apply AI solutions
  • Being able to position themselves to take advantage of increased technology


There are no specific entry requirements for this award. However, some professional experience in a business or IT environment may be advantageous.


The following titles are suggested reading for anyone undertaking this award. You should be encouraged to explore other available sources.

Title: Consciousness and Language

Author: John Searle

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Publication Date: January 2010

ISBN: 9780511606366

Title: The Conscious Mind – In Search of a Fundamental Theory – Philosophy of Mind Series

Author: David J. Chalmers

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Publication Date: March 1998

ISBN: 9780195117899

Title: #Envision2030: 17 goals to transform the world for persons with disabilities

Author: United Nations – Department of Economic and Social Affairs


Exam Overview

Type: 16 Multiple Choice Questions, 2 Scenario Based Question

Duration: 30 Minutes

Supervised: Yes

Open Book: No (no materials can be taken into the examination room)

Passmark: 13/20 (65%)

Delivery: Digital Format Only.

Exam Type

Proctored Exam

Professional Development Units - PDUs

This award contributes 4 credits towards the:

  • Foundation Certificate In AI (total credits required: 20)
  • Foundation Diploma In AI (total credits required: 36)


BCS Foundation Award - Understanding The Role Of Ethics In The Responsible Use Of AI

Next Steps

AI’s ability to learn, replicate and predict means it will have a considerable impact on society and our environment if we don’t approach it ethically, sustainably and with clear governance. This set of awards explores the impact of decision-making and is vital learning for any forward-thinking IT professional.

Other Ethics awards in the AI Foundation Pathway include:


You will discover how an ethical culture leads to the sustainable and responsible use of AI, by considering the potential harm that can come from AI, the safeguards that can be implemented, and where the responsibility lies within our organisations and society.

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