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Learn Valuable Skills Such As Critical Thinking And Virtual Team Management

Critical Thinking

Our three-day Critical Thinking training course will teach you how how to leverage critical thinking and creative problem-solving techniques to solve organisational issues in a corporate environment. You will learn about:

  • Left and right-brain thinking
  • Spur creativity
  • Outcome-based thinking

Virtual Team Management

Our Virtual Team Management training course you will learn how to use communication and collaboration tools to effectively lead virtual teams across distances, time zones, organisational separation, and cultural differences. You will also learn to deliver results continuously across multi-site and international environments.

Developing Your Leadership Voice For Presence And Impact

Our three-day Developing Your Leadership Voice For Presence And Impact training course will aid attendees in consistently conveying an authentic leadership voice — representing who you are and what you stand for — is essential for influential leaders. In this leadership training course, find your voice and leverage proven behaviours and techniques to establish your communication style and authentic leadership voice for engaging, inspiring, and motivating others.

Emotional Intelligence: Achieving Leadership Success

Our three-day Emotional Intelligence: Achieving Leadership Success training course, through self-management tools and techniques, will provide you with the strategies to manage your emotions, respond usefully to the emotions of others, and improve personal effectiveness and team performance.

Soft Skills Training For Business Analysis

Our three-day Soft Skills Training For Business Analysis training course shows how specific skills, behaviours, and attitudes can impact business analysis activities and enhance your ability to become a key influencer on projects in your organisation.

Management Skills For An IT Environment

Our three-day Management Skills For An IT Environment training course will give attendees the skills and knowledge necessary to manage your IT team successfully. Attendees will:

  • Delegate tasks and track progress
  • Share Feedback
  • Foster time management skills among your team
  • Empower your team to communicate with people of non-technical backgrounds successfully

Strategic Thinking For Operational Management

Our three-day Strategic Thinking For Operational Management training course will teach you how to plan and implement change to meet stakeholder needs, create an innovative culture that takes advantage of the department's core competencies, and gain the leadership skills to effectively integrate strategic thinking with daily operations.

Time Management Essentials

Our one-day Time Management Essentials training course will teach you the benefits of adopting proven time-management tools and techniques, you are able to make better day-to-day choices and decide the best ways to invest your time and achieve your goals. In this one-day Time Management Essentials training course, you will be provided with the personal insight and effective behaviours to develop and implement a framework of best practises for successful time management.

Conflict Management And Resolution Essentials

Our one-day Conflict Management And Resolution Essentials training course provides the skills to identify emotional triggers that create conflict, apply proactive response techniques, and build an environment of cooperation.

Workplace conflict can lead to damaged relationships and poor productivity, but there are constructive ways for responding to conflict and preventing it from becoming destructive. Through realistic work scenarios.

Introduction To Business Process Improvement

Our three-day Introduction To Business Process Improvement training course will teach how to leverage your current business strategy to drive improvement, develop tools, identify problem areas, measure performance, validate change, and create models of current and future processes. Gain the skills you need to employ a step-by-step BPI framework in your organisation to maximise efficiency and productivity.


How Do I Choose
A Training Course?

We can create a personalised training path for you based on your job role.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Learning soft skills can have numerous benefits in both personal and professional contexts. Here are some key advantages including but not limited to:

  • Effective Communication: Soft skills like active listening, empathy, and verbal and written communication enhance your ability to express ideas, understand others, and build rapport.
  • Leadership and Management: Soft skills such as leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, and time management are crucial for effective management roles.
  • Adaptability and Resilience: Soft skills like adaptability, flexibility, and resilience help you navigate change, handle challenges, and bounce back from setbacks.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Soft skills related to emotional intelligence, such as self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social awareness, enhance your ability to understand and manage emotions, both in yourself and others.
  • Customer Service and Sales: Soft skills like empathy, active listening, and communication play a crucial role in customer service and sales.
  • Networking and Relationship Building: Soft skills enable you to build and maintain strong relationships with colleagues, clients, and mentors.