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IT Service Delivery Manager Workshop Training Course

Gain The Key Skills And Competencies Of A Service Delivery Manager


The role of the Service Delivery Manager has been around for decades. Over this period with changes to technology and the way services are delivered, changing customer relationships and expectations the role has obviously grown in complexity and responsibility. Until now there has been little to no formal training for the Service Delivery Manager. The Service Delivery Manager Workshop was created to fill the needs of SDMs working in a wide range of organisations.

Our IT Service Delivery Manager Workshop is based upon a mixed set of generic SDM roles and responsibilities, which will obviously vary from organisation to organisation. The workshop is suitable for those working in Managed Service Providers with commercial customers and also those working in internal IT teams with internal and external customers, also not for profit organisations.The workshop covers all of the basic SDM skills and competencies plus all of the add-ons.

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Service Delivery Manager Quiz

Please Note

You can book this course and hold it in credit until you have decided on a specific course date. Alternatively, please view our other course dates.
Exam Not Included
2 Days
£595Excl. VAT

Course Outline

Our experienced tutors will identify all of your individual learning objectives and ensure that they are addressed over the Workshop. The Workshop is based upon a set of generic SDM role, which will vary from organisation to organisation.

As a minimum these key topics that will be covered in our IT Service Delivery Manager Workshop:

  • Introduction
    • Domestics
    • Introductions
    • Exercise or a ‘sharing session’ about what the SDM role encompasses within the various delegates organisations
    • Course timetable
  • Who is the Customer?
  • What is a Service?
  • The Service Lifecycle
  • History of Service Delivery Management (where did it come from?)
  • Goals and Objectives of SDM
  • The role of the Service Delivery Manager
    • Scope of the role
    • Acting as a bridge between customer and operational delivery teams
    • Collaborating with senior management
  • Key Responsibilities (core) and other
  • Service Quality
    • End to end service
  • Value Chains and Value Networks
  • The Customers perspective
    • Business Value
    • Utility and Warranty of a service
    • Value for Money
    • Perceptions
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Escalation procedures
  • Governance (The importance of compliance)
  • What processes are involved in the SDM role
    • Service Level Management
      • SLAs and OLAs
    • Business Relationship Management
    • Incident Management
    • Problem Management
    • Change Management
  • Other process interfaces
    • Sales and Account Management
    • Supplier Management and Subcontractors
    • Financial Management
  • Skills and Competencies (the required skill set)
    • Customer Service Management
      • Building relationships
    • Sponsoring and managing meetings
    • Achieving SLA targets
    • Performance Management
      • Communication
        • Getting things done, and making things happen
        • Communicating across organisational boundaries – from engineers through to senior managers
        • Verbal communication
        • Written communication
        • Presentations
        • Monitoring
        • Service Reporting
          • Service Level Reports
          • Service Achievement Reports
          • Balanced Scorecards
          • ‘At a glance’ and RAG reports
          • Automation
          • Negotiation
            • Positional and Principled negotiation
            • Influencing skills
        • Contracts and Agreements
          • The Internal Customer
          • The external Customer
        • Techniques and Methods
          • On-boarding new customers
          • Customer Satisfaction
            • Removing all obstacles to customer satisfaction and / or financial performance
            • Measuring satisfaction levels
            • Measuring perceptions
          • Complaints and complements
          • Complaint Handling
          • Working with operations teams to identify and manage service improvement activities
        • Opportunities, Challenges and Risks
          • Self Service opportunities and challenges
        • Continual Service Improvement
          • SIPs (Service Improvement Plans)
          • CSIP (Continual Service Improvement Plan)
          • The CSI process
          • The CSI Register
        • Continual Professional Development
          • The future of the SDM role
          • Your future


        Our 2-day facilitated IT Service Delivery Manager Workshop will cover all aspects of IT Service Delivery Management from how to get started to more advanced techniques to address ever growing challenges of ever increasing service complexity, breadth of integration and customer demand.

        This Workshop will also take you from understanding your customers need to actual service delivery and on-going support. We will cover current 'Best Practice' frameworks and methodologies and also key communication and negotiation skills and techniques. We can also tailor the Workshop for individual organisational needs and run as an on-site training course.

        About the Course

        The Workshop will be fairly free flowing with lots of opportunity to discuss merits and challenges of being a Service Delivery Manager and it is also an ideal opportunity to network with other Service Delivery Managers and share experiences.

        Who Should Attend

        The Workshop is suitable for anyone currently working as a Service Delivery Manager, supervising a number of Service Delivery Managers or anyone aspiring to move into a Service Delivery Manager role. Those wanting to improve their general SDM skills and capabilities will also find this 2 day Workshop extremely useful.

        Materials Provided

        A full set of materials will be provided for this workshop including:

        • A comprehensive Workshop folder
        • Hand-outs
        • Quick reference guides
        • Pen with highlighter

        Organisational Benefits

        • More effective Service Delivery Managers
        • Improved Customer satisfaction
        • Increase Customer focus
        • Improved IT and Business alignment
        • Clear accountability
        • Improved financial accountability

        Individual Benefits

        • An improved understanding of your role as a Service Delivery Manager
        • Increased effectiveness in your role
        • Improved career progression and salary prospects
        • Reduced stress levels


        There are no prerequisites required to attend this workshop, however an understanding of basic IT terminology and current IT 'Best Practice' would be an advantage.


        There is currently no pre-reading required to attend this Workshop

        Exam Overview

        There is currently no exam associated with this Workshop

        Exam Type

        No Exam

        Professional Development Units - PDUs

        No PDUs or Credits are currently applied to attendance of the Service Delivery Manager Workshop.



        Next Steps

        If attending this Service Delivery Manager Workshop has sparked your interest in formal training we can suggest you attend:

        The BCS Specialist Certificate In Business Relationship Management

        Purple Griffon offer a huge range of courses to enhance and develop you skills and knowledge as part of your continual professional development.


        This 2-day Service Delivery Manager Workshop will equip you with the core skills and competencies and confidence to become an effective and efficient Service Delivery Manager.

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