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Unleash The Power Of Data With Power BI

Introduction to Power-BI

Our Three-day Introduction To Power BI training course will give you all the skills you need to jump-start your Power BI journey. This course will cover in depth, the industry-recognised steps from raw data to detailed analysis via five main stages:

  • Loading data into Power BI from a wide range of data sources, such as CSV and XLS files
  • Transforming data using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), M, and Power Query languages
  • Creating and extending a comprehensive data model with DAX
  • Visualising data in Power BI desktop using built-in tools
  • Sharing and collaborating with the Power BI service or Power BI server

Power BI: Administrator In A Day

Our one-day Power BI: Administrator In A Day training course will teach how to how to manage the Microsoft Power BI platform within your organisation, including how to:

  • Configure access settings for different users
  • Monitor the usage of the platform
  • Manage your organisation's Power BI license

Power BI: Advanced Data Modeling & Shaping

Our one-day Power BI: Advanced Data Modeling & Shaping training course will teach you the tools and practices of data modeling and shaping in Power BI including the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) formulas and the Power Query M language. Enabling you to transform and structure your data to meet specific analytical requirements.

Advanced Visualisation With Power BI

Our one-day Advanced Visualisation With Power BI training course will cover the Power BI report layouts and the agile process of creating Power BI data visualisations. In addition, learn about various design patterns within dashboards and reports and best practices for authoring great reports and dashboards! 

With advanced visualisation capabilities, Power BI enables users to go beyond basic charts and graphs and create complex and interactive visualisations that effectively communicate complex data patterns, trends, and insights.

Power BI: Dashboard In A Day

Our one-day Power BI: Dashboard In A Day training course will teach you how to navigate and use the Microsoft Power BI dashboard and will be introduced to various aspects of Power BI, including data preparation, data modeling, creating visualisations, and sharing the dashboards with others.

Power BI: Developer In A Day

Our one-day Power BI: Developer In A Day training course will empower attendees with the technical knowledge required to embed Power BI content into web pages.

Power BI: Paginated Reports In A Day

Our two-day Power BI: Paginated Reports In A Day training course will teach you how to create, publish, and distribute paginated reports in Microsoft Power BI.


How Do I Choose
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We can create a personalised training path for you based on your job role.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Power Bi provides advanced features like natural language queries, data alerts, and data-driven subscriptions. It integrates with other Microsoft products and services, such as Azure, Excel, SharePoint, and Teams, to enhance data analysis and collaboration capabilities. Overall, Power BI empowers organisations to transform raw data into meaningful insights and enables data-driven decision-making across various domains, including IT.