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Mastering Cloud Security, Certified And Confident

Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

Our five-day Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) training course is designed for security professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge of cloud security. The programme covers various aspects of data security, cloud infrastructure security, and information security. Through this training, participants will learn how to secure data centres, cloud environments, and cloud-based data access. The focus will be on cloud security solutions and techniques for detecting and responding to security incidents. 

The training covers cloud computing technologies, including Microsoft Azure, as well as security practices related to physical infrastructure, cloud resource access control, and protection of sensitive data. Load balancers, security operations centres (SOCs), and cloud environment security will also be covered. Upon completion of the training, participants can attempt the CCSP exam, and earn the CCSP certification after passing the exam, which is a recognised industry standard for cloud security expertise.


How Do I Choose
A Training Course?

We can create a personalised training path for you based on your job role.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

At Purple Griffon, we work with our trusted training partner to help you bridge the gap between your Cloud Security aspirations and your busy life. In today's fast-paced world, gaining the skills and knowledge to excel in Cloud Security has never been more accessible.

Our virtual classroom courses offer a convenient, flexible, and engaging way to master the art of Cloud Security from the comfort of your own space. Our expert instructors, who bring real-world Cloud Security expertise to the virtual table, will guide you through the intricacies of the field.

Step into an immersive virtual environment, where you'll participate in real-time discussions, collaborate on group activities, and engage in interactive Q&A sessions. Whether you're just starting your Cloud Security journey or seeking to enhance your existing skills, our courses cater to a wide range of learners.

Many of our courses also offer industry-recognised certifications, giving your career a significant boost. Join our virtual classroom community, connect with like-minded professionals, and embark on your journey to becoming proficient in Cloud Security