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MISD Aspiring Manager Certificate Training Course

The Fundamental Shift For A Career In Management


This qualification is designed for the IT Support operative aspiring to or being readied for a supervisory, or ultimately a management position. It covers two key areas.

The first area concentrates on the sizeable, fundamental shift in mentality and perspective necessary to commence a career in management. This syllabus element goes deeper than the ubiquitous ‘How to Be a Manager’ style of training, to prepare the developing mind for a philosophical reshaping so that the later management lessons will be planted in a mindset properly ready for them. This syllabus is especially necessary in IT, which hires technicians exclusively, and so finds it necessary to promote technicians into positions of leadership. But the technical mind is not the managerial mind, and so the promoted technician often fails to take on the management mantle, conducting himself merely as a more highly paid technician, or worse, as simply the ‘Boss’ of his department, rather than as its orchestrator.

The job of the operative involves following instruction and process. However the manager must have the far broader perspective to realise that a process is even needed, along with the decisiveness to see its implementation, to describe what constitutes success in doing the job and instructing in its conduct.

Furthermore, the operative uses diagnosis to cycle through known parameters and technical knowledge to determine which of these to adjust and by how much, to achieve a given result. However, the manager does not have the luxury of prescribed parameters, so diagnostics must be replaced by an analytical approach; which must also comprise a consideration of political factors, not normally an issue for the operative.

The second area is a detailed comprehension of the nature and delivery of external support, such as that offered by the ICT industry’s vendors and manufacturers, Value-Added Resellers (VARs), distributors, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), which are collectively known as ‘The Channel’. External Client Support Management (ECSM) differs from IT Service Management (ITSM) in a number of significant ways, meaning that existing ITSM models often do not apply directly in terms of how ECSM service is generated and delivered. This syllabus element deals with the details of those differences. It may be seen as essential understanding for ITSM managers dealing with channel suppliers, as well as for ECSM managers directly.

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Exam Included
2 Days
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Course Syllabus

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Learning Outcomes

‘Mastering IT Support Delivery’ Curriculum Career Level 2, Aspiring Manager Certificate

Who Should Attend

  • Operational-level technical staff from any part of IT who aspire to positions of supervision, team-leadership or management of others
  • Leaders of ICT workgroups experiencing difficulties in growing beyond their technical role
  • Managers requiring a quick refresher of the nature and mindset of their role in a technical context
  • Operatives being fast-tracked toward, or assessed for, future leadership role

What's Included

  • Full MISD Aspiring Manager Materials
  • Highly Skilled & Knowledgeable Tutors
  • Refreshments

Entry-Level Requirements

Genuine ambition and curiosity.

Recommended Reading

Anything on differences between business and technical mindsets

Exam Information

  • In classroom invigilated by tutor
  • 40 multiple choice questions over maximum of 80 minutes
  • Pass mark 28/40 (70%)
  • Results within 2 weeks; examiner’s decision is final
  • In case of failure, 2 maximum examination retakes; thereafter, examination opportunities require entire course retake

Exam Type

Classroom Exam


MISD Aspiring Manager Certificate

What's Next

MISD Career Level 3, Operational Manager Certificate: MISD-OMC

Additional Information

This course will prepare you to explore and attend our other MIDS courses.

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