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Change Management Foundation Training Course

Learn How To Support Change Within Your Organisation


Our three-day Change Management Foundation training course will provide you with the opportunity to explore approaches to managing change.

We will look at how to build successful change within your organisation and will explore these 4 core areas:

• Change & The Organisation
• Change & The Individual
• Communications & Stakeholder Engagement
• Change Management In Practice

    Together, these core areas will enable you to develop a comprehensive Change Management plan to support effective change within your organisation.

    Please Note

    You can book this course and hold it in credit until you have decided on a specific course date. Alternatively, please view our other course dates.
    Exam Included
    3 Days
    £1199Excl. VAT

    Course Syllabus

    Change & The Organisation

    Defining Change

    Organisations are exposed to wide variety of factors which they need to respond to in order to survive and prosper. You will need to consider:

    • Why your organisation needs to change and the implications for this on the design of the Change Programme

      Change, The Organisation & The Individual

      A Change Management Perspective

      Successful change typically involves careful design and delivery of new products, services or processes. However the same care and attention is also needed for the "people" element of any change. You will need to consider:

      • The impact of change on the individual and what implications this has when planning change
      • How different organisational cultures can affect the change experience
      • What frameworks are available support the creation of a "people focused" Change Management plan
      • Key roles in supporting successful change

        Education & Learning Support

        Change usually involves people learning new ways of working. Effective Change Management recognises this and incorporates learning and development into the Change Management plan. You will need to consider:

        • The process of learning
        • Identifying and meeting learning needs
        • The implications of "learning styles" when designing learning interventions

          Communications & Stakeholder Engagement

          Stakeholder Strategy

          Change agents need to understand who will be affected by the change so that their requirements can be taken into account while minimising disruption to current operational performance. You will need to consider:

          • Identify and analyse stakeholders
          • Develop effective influencing strategies

            Communication & Engagement

            Effective communications are fundamental to any successful change. You will need to consider:

            • The theory of effective communications
            • The use of different communication channels
            • How to develop a communications plan
            • How to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the communications

              Change Management In Practice

              Change Impact

              Change does not occur in isolation. Change agents will need to manage the relationship between the change journey, business continuity and successfully embedding the change. You will be shown:

              • Tools that help assess the wider impacts of the change and so ensure a comprehensive Change Management plan is developed

                Change Readiness, Planning & Measurement

                Even if an organisation is effective today, change is likely to be heading its way. Successful organisations start planning for change long before it becomes a necessity. You will learn how to:

                • Build motivation to change
                • Build organisational readiness for change
                • Prepare for resistance

                  Personal & Professional Management

                  One individual is unlikely to be able to undertake all the activities to support successful change. Typically teams will be involved in supporting and shaping the change. You will need consider how to:

                  • Develop effective teams to help manage change

                    Learning Outcomes

                    Our Change Management Foundation training course will give you the opportunity to comprehensively explore current thinking on how to manage organisational change through practical individual/group work.

                    Who Should Attend

                    Our Change Management Foundation training course is aimed at those who are interested in all aspects of Change Management who also want to achieve a certificate in the more detailed, advanced Change Management Practitioner Certificate.

                    What's Included

                    Our Change Management Foundation training course includes:

                    • Full Materials Including "The Effective Change Manager's" Handbook
                    • Principles Of Change Management Foundation Examination
                    • Highly Skilled & Knowledgeable Tutors

                    Entry-Level Requirements

                    There are no entry-level requirements that are necessary for attendance, although a basic knowledge of all aspects of Change Management would be beneficial.

                    Recommended Reading

                    Please Note: Additional evening work will be required in the form of consolidation reading and mock examination questions.

                    The evening work is an integral part of the course and you should expect to spend approximately 2 1/2 hours on these activities each evening.

                    Exam Information

                    Principles Of Change Management Foundation Examination:

                    • The examination is accredited by APMG
                    • The examination duration is 40 minutes
                    • The examination is closed book
                    • 50 multiple-choice questions
                    • The pass mark is 25/50

                    You will be provided with sample examination papers so you can test your understanding of the training course and prepare for the Principles Of Change Management Foundation examination.

                    Exam Type

                    Classroom Exam


                    Principles Of Change Management Foundation Certificate

                    What's Next

                    Our two-day Change Management Practitioner training course would be the ideal option to think about your next step, we will help you to understand the practical aspects of managing change within your organisation.

                    Additional Information

                    If you complete our Change Management Foundation training course and pass the examination, you will be awarded the Change Management Foundation certificate.

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