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VMware® vSphere 6.5: Install, Configure & Manage Training Course

Learn The Art Of Deploying A Host Or Virtual Machine


Our 5-day VMware® vSphere 6.5: Install, Configure & Manage training certification will build your skills in installing, configuring and managing the VMware® 6.5 and includes the components; VMware® ESXi 6 and VMware® vCenter Server® 6. Our VMware® vSphere 6.5: Install, Configure & Manage training course will give you a solid understanding of how to administer a vSphere infrastructure for an organisation of any size.

Please Note

You can book this course and hold it in credit until you have decided on a specific course date. Alternatively, please view our other course dates.
Exam Not Included
5 Days
£3295Excl. VAT

Course Outline

  • Introduction and Logistics
  • Objectives
  • References and Resources

Software-Defined Data Center

  • Data Center Components
  • Cloud Architecture and VSphere
  • Installing and Using vSphere Client
  • Overview of ESXi

Creating Virtual Machines

  • Creating and Working With Virtual Machines and Templates
  • Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Hardware and Virtual Machine Files

vCenter Server

  • vCenter Server architecture
  • Deploying and Configuring vCenter Server Appliance
  • Using vSphere Web Client
  • Managing vCenter Server Inventory Object and Licenses

Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks

  • Describing, Creating and Managing Standard Switches
  • Configuring Virtual Switch Security and Load-Balancing Policies
  • Creating, Configuring and Managing vSphere Distributed Switches, Network Connections and Port Groups

Configuring and Managing Virtual Storage

  • Storage Devices and Hosts
  • ESXi Hosts Using ISCI and NFS Storage
  • Creating and Managing VMFS and NFS Datastores
  • VMware® Virtual SAN®
  • Virtual Volumes

Virtual Machine Management

  • Deploying New Virtual Machines With Templates and Cloning
  • Virtual Machines Management
  • Perform vSphere, vMotion and vSphere Storage vMotion Migrations
  • Creating and Managing Virtual Machine Snapshots
  • Creating vApps
  • Deploying and Using Content Libraries

Resource Management and Monitoring

  • Virtual CPU and Memory Concepts
  • Configuring and Managing Resource Pools
  • How To Optimise CPU and Memory Usage
  • Monitoring Resource Usage
  • Creating and Using Alarms To Report Certain Conditions Or Events
  • Identify and Troubleshoot Virtual Machine Resource Issues
  • Introduce vRealise Operations Manager for Data Center Monitoring and Management

vSphere HA and vSphere Fault Tolerance

  • Explain the VSphere HA Architecture
  • Configuring and Managing A vSphere HA Cluster
  • Use vSphere HA Advanced Parameters
  • Introduce vSphere Fault Tolerance
  • Enabling vSphere Fault Tolerance On Virtual Machines
  • Introduce vSphere Replication
  • Restoring and Backing Up Data With vSphere Data Protection

Host Scalability

  • The Functions and Benefits Of A vSphere DRS Cluster
  • Configuring and Managing A vSphere DRS Cluster
  • Work With Affinity and Anti-Affinity Rules
  • Using vSphere HA and vSphere DRS Together For Business Continuity

vSphere Update Manager and Host Maintenance

  • Using vSphere Update Manager To Manage ESXi Patching
  • Install vSphere Update Manager and The vSphere Updating Manager Plug-In
  • Creating Patch Baselines
  • Using Host Profiles To Manage Host Configuration Compliance
  • Scanning and Remediate Hosts

Installing vSphere Components

  • Installing ESXi
  • vCenter Server Deployment Options
  • vCenter Server Hardware, Software and Database Requirements
  • Installing Of vCenter Server Appliance and a vCenter Server Instance


You will learn how to comprehend data centers which are software-defined, the art of deploying a host or virtual machine and understand how vCenter Servers are made up and how to deploy one. You will also learn how to manage an ESXi host, manage and configure virtual networks as well as manage clones and snapshots.

About the Course

Our VMware® vSphere 6.5: Install, Configure & Manage will show you how to use content libraries, manage host storage with vCenter Server, Create a vApp, migrate a virtual machine using VMware, replicate virtual machines and recover data, improve scalability with hosts using VMware® vSphere and apply troubleshooting and patches using vCenter operations.You will gain practical experience with these concepts through the completion of hands-on labs.

Who Should Attend

System Administrators and engineers responsible for deploying the VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Materials Provided

  • Full Materials Including Comprehensive Course Workbook
  • Highly Skilled and Knowledgeable Tutors
  • Refreshments

Organisational Benefits

  • It's cheaper to have several virtualised machines residing on one physical machine than it is to purchase multiple machines.
  • Server room size requirements can be decreased saving you time and money retrofitting your office space to accommodate a large server room.
  • Save money on electricity required to power the multiple machines as well as save on your server room room cooling bills.
  • Workstation and server maintenance and upgrades, as well as machine replacement are cheaper when you only have to worry about one physical workstation or server.
  • Less hardware to babysit means less software to upgrade.

Individual Benefits

  • Recognition of your technical knowledge and skills
  • Greater opportunities for career advancement
  • Take more complete advantage of the capabilities of your technology
  • Deploy and manage a fully functional and efficient virtualisation enviornment


  • You must have experience with providing system administration on Windows or Linux systems.
  • You ideally must have taken the VMware Data Center Virtualisation Fundamental training course or have equivalent experience.


There is no prereading associated with this VMware® training session.

Exam Overview

VMware® vSphere: Install, Configure & Manage (vSphere Foundations 6.5) Examination:

  • The Examination Duration Is 90 Minutes
  • The Examination Pass Score Is 300
  • The Examination Format: Multiple Choice, Non-Proctored, Online
  • You Will Need To Book Your Examination Separately Through Pearson Vue

Exam Type

Classroom Exam

Professional Development Units - PDUs

There are no Professional Qualification Credits associated with this training course.


vSphere 6.0 Foundation Certificate

Next Steps

You should consider the 5-day VMware® vSphere: Design & Deploy training certification which can be delivered on-site within your organisation where you will learn how to design and deploy a virtual infrastructure.


With a lagging economy, IT departments and admins are forced to do more with less. Server virtualisation makes admins more efficient and agile, allowing you to do more with less and look like the heroes of the IT department.

Not only will your company save on the physical server hardware, power and cooling of the servers that were consolidated, you'll also save on the time it used to take to administer physical servers. End users will be more productive thanks to less downtime and much more.

Features like vMotion, storage vMotion (svMotion), DRS, and VMware high availability (VMHA) all result in virtualised servers being up and running so much more than those same servers that were running directly on physical hardware.

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VMware® vSphere 6.5: Install, Configure & Manage

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VMware® vSphere 6.5: Install, Configure & Manage

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VMware® vSphere 6.5: Install, Configure & Manage

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VMware® vSphere 6.5: Install, Configure & Manage

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VMware® vSphere 6.5: Install, Configure & Manage

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