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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Certifications

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Certifications Training Courses

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Certification Training Courses

According to a report from Price-Waterhouse-Coopers (PwC - July 2018) Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to create more than 7 Million new UK jobs in healthcare, science and education by 2037, more than making up for the jobs lost in manufacturing and other sectors through automation.

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly moving from science fiction to science fact and everyone need to understand how AI can be applied to their organisations to position them for the future. We as individuals also need to look at the opportunities which will emerge from these technology changes embrace the future. New job opportunities will emerge in designing, testing and implementing AI, also working alongside it.

Our AI courses are developed and delivered by Dr Andy Lowe - Andy has 20 years plus of experience in academia and industry working with high performance computing. He has a honours degree in mechanical engineering and a PhD in numerical simulation. He’s worked with high tech start ups and large high tech engineering organisation using some of the world’s most powerful computers. He uses AI on a daily basis in the analysis of simulations ( e.g. Weather, Extreme Environments, Engineering ) he builds.

Our AI courses will help you prepare, not fear the future.

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