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Learn How To Streamline Value Across The Enterprise With Value Stream Management

Value Stream Management (VSM) Foundation

Value Stream Management has been around since the dawn of lean – but it’s different in the digital world. Digital value streams need a different treatment and DevOps toolchains mean we have more opportunities to gain actionable insights and deliver value outcomes to our customers than ever before.

Our two-day Value Stream Management (VSM) Foundation training course will provide you with an introduction to Value Stream Management principles, practices, and tools.


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Value Stream Management Certifications

Value Stream Management enables organisations to deliver goods and services to their customers more rapidly at higher quality and lower cost by streamlining the flow of value across the enterprise. Improving the flow through the value stream requires breaking down traditional organisational boundaries or “silos” and seeing work from the customer’s perspective. This requires changes to physical and transactional processes, as well as how teams and leadership responsibilities are structured.

Value Stream Management is a lean business practice that helps determine the value of software development and delivery efforts and resources. It also helps to improve the flow of value to the organisation, while managing and monitoring the software delivery lifecycle from end to end. By identifying and examining value streams, instead of “features and functions”, and measuring software delivery success, teams can focus more energy and time on what works and shift away from what doesn’t work.

Simply put, value streams make complex processes visible and ready to pivot, if needed, to drive more value. Value stream management offers a unique view of the software delivery lifecycle through the customer experience lens, to better align with business objectives and scale Agile and DevOps transformations.