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Learn How To Improve Operational Efficiency & Productivity With IT Service Management

Problem Management & RCA Techniques Workshop

Our two-day Problem Management & Root Cause Analysis Techniques Workshop will provide you with a practical approach to applying well-established root cause analysis principles and techniques. This will allow you to identify the sources of recurring incidents and problems and reduce service downtime.

Our Problem Management & Root Cause Analysis Techniques Workshop will explain how to determine the root causes of incidents and problems using a variety of proven techniques, including Kepner-Tregoe, Ishikawa, Pareto Analysis and a number of popular individual and group brainstorming techniques.

Sustainable Green IT Workshop

Our two-day Sustainable Green IT Workshop will provide you with a practical approach to applying well-established Sustainable Green IT principles and techniques. .

IT Service Delivery Manager Workshop

The role of the Service Delivery Manager has been around for decades. Over this period with changes to technology and the way services are delivered, changing customer relationships and expectations the role has obviously grown in complexity and responsibility.

Until now there has been little to no formal training for the Service Delivery Manager.

Our two-day IT Service Delivery Manager Workshop is based upon a mixed set of generic Service Delivery Manager roles and responsibilities, which will obviously vary from organisation to organisation.

IT Change Management Workshop

Change Management is one of the key processes within any organisation. If you do not manage change effectively you have chaos, and chaos leads to incidents and problems.

Poorly managed and failed change can also result in re-work, overtime, disgruntled staff, financial penalties, dissatisfied and lost customers.

Our two-day IT Change Management Workshop covers all aspects of Change Management, from how it is implemented through to how it can be improved. It has a practical aspect to embed best practice in terms of methods and techniques for Change Management.

IT Service Reporting Workshop

IT Service Reporting is a key aspect of managing your IT Services. It is an opportunity to demonstrate that targets are being hit, or where services are not being hit what is being done to ensure that they will be hit in the future.

Our two-day IT Service Reporting Workshop will teach you all of the aspects of IT Service Reporting from how to get started to more advanced techniques to address ever-growing challenges of growing service complexity, breadth of integration and customer demand.


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IT Service Management Workshops

Information technologies now engulf every organisation and every role and responsibility. Managing these technologies can be a challenge, ITSM can increase agility, reduce costs, and improve the IT service.

IT service management is a multitude of policies, processes and procedures for IT staff to adopt throughout the lifecycle. When adopted these policies, processes, and procedures should be adapted to align with the organisation's strategic vision.