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Managing IT Governance And Risk

COBIT® 2019 Foundation

Our two-day COBIT® 2019 Foundation training course provides the knowledge needed to pass the COBIT® 2019 Foundation certification exam, including a comprehensive understanding of the COBIT 2019 framework, the six key governance principles, and the components of a comprehensive governance system. You will learn about COBIT® 2019’s forty governance and management objectives, how performance is managed, and how to design and implement a tailored governance system for your enterprise.

COBIT® 2019 is the latest iteration of the industry-leading framework for governance and management of enterprise IT, and provides best practices for the governance and management of enterprise information and technology.


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COBIT® (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies), is a framework created by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) for managing and governing enterprise IT processes. It provides guidelines, best practices, and a comprehensive framework for aligning IT with business goals, ensuring effective risk management, and maintaining a high level of control over IT processes.

Offering a structured approach to IT governance and management, COBIT® helps organisations establish a set of controls, policies, and procedures to ensure the effective and efficient use of IT resources, manage IT-related risks, and achieve compliance with various regulations and standards. Focusing on areas such as:

  • Strategic Alignment: Ensuring that IT activities are aligned with business objectives and priorities.
  • Value Delivery: Maximising the value delivered by IT investments and services to the organisation.
  • Risk Management: Identifying and managing IT-related risks to support business goals.
  • Resource Management: Efficiently utilising IT resources (people, infrastructure, technology) to achieve business objectives.
  • Performance Measurement: Defining and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor the success of IT processes.