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The BCS Foundation In Business Analysis certification can also be used as the knowledge-based specialist module for the Diploma In Business Analysis. It will provide a foundation for the range of BCS certificates in the areas of Business Analysis and Business Change.

Our BCS Foundation In Business Analysis training course will cover the following topics:

Module 1: The Business Change Life Cycle

The role of the Business Analyst in the business change life cycle

  • Producing the business case
  • Other roles in the business change lifecycle

The framework for business analysis activities

  • Relating business analysis to strategic analysis, definition, and IT systems analysis
  • The holistic approach to business analysis

Module 2: Understanding the Strategic Context

Analyzing the business environment

  • Internal and external environments
  • Analyzing the business with SWOT analysis

Developing business metrics

  • Identifying your Critical Success Factors (CSF)
  • Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Identifying critical success with the Balanced Business Scorecard

Module 3: Project Discipline for Business Analysis Studies

  • Reading the Terms of Reference or Project Initiation Document
  • OSCAR (objectives, scope, constraints, authority and resources)
  • What does the business wish to achieve and deliver?
  • Creating SMART objectives

Module 4: Understanding the Business Situation

Stakeholder identification

  • Using the Stakeholder wheel
  • Overview of investigative techniques

Representing a holistic view of the business situation

  • Generating Rich pictures
  • Making Mind Maps

Module 5: Analysing Stakeholder Perspectives

Stakeholder analysis and management

  • Power/Interest Grid
  • Stakeholder management strategies

Identifying and defining different perspectives

  • Contrasting different stakeholder perspectives
  • Analysing the root cause with CATWOE

Module 6: Analysing and Modelling Business Activities

Developing a Business Activity Model

  • Depicting business perspectives with a Business Activity Model (BAM)
  • Describing the BAM process and notation
  • Identifying business events

Analysing business rules

  • Distinguishing between business rule types
  • Recognizing business rules levels of constraint

Building the Consensus Business Activity Model

  • Identifying differences between business activity models
  • Negotiating to resolve conflicts

Module 7: Identifying Potential Solutions

Gap analysis - comparing the ideal and existing systems

  • Outlining the gap analysis process
  • Identifying inputs to, and outputs from, gap analysis

Defining a new business model

  • Exploiting areas for change - processes, people, technology and organization

Identifying requirements using business activity and business process models

  • Classifying models that document and analyse requirements
  • Recognizing data/processing requirements

Module 8: Making the Business Case

The Business Case lifecycle

  • Structuring the business case
  • Identifying and shortlisting options for business change

Identifying and categorizing costs and benefits

  • Classifying tangible and intangible costs and benefits
  • Investment appraisal techniques

Risk and impact identification, categorization, and management

  • Identifying and assessing risk impact and probability
  • Risk management approaches

Our BCS Foundation In Business Analysis training course is suitable for anyone requiring an understanding of Business Analysis including Business Analysts, Product Owners, Change Managers, IT Delivery Project Roles, Business Managers and their staff and those looking to move into a BA role.

For all virtual classroom training courses, a printed copy of the latest edition of the comprehensive course manual will be sent to your home address in good time for the start of your BCS Foundation In Business Analysis training course. In addition, a link will be emailed to you to enable you to access an electronic copy of the same comprehensive manual for convenient future reference.

There are no formal entry-level requirements for our BCS Foundation In Business Analysis training course.

There is no recommended reading for our BCS Foundation In Business Analysis training course.

You will receive all of the training you need to prepare for the BCS Foundation In Business Analysis examination. If you pass the examination, you will be awarded the BCS Foundation In Business Analysis certificate. You will also be one step closer to the BCS Diploma In Business Analysis. But that’s not all, as well as covering the entire BCS syllabus, this training course will develop your SFIA skills, REQM, Level 3.

BCS Foundation In Business Analysis Examination:

  • Type: 40 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Supervised: Yes
  • Open Book: No
  • Pass Mark: 26/40 (65%)
  • Delivery: Digital

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BCS Foundation Certificate In Business Analysis

If our BCS Foundation In Business Analysis training course is part of your BCS Diploma In Business Analysis programme, you have a choice of further modules which include:

You will have developed the skills and knowledge to support successful business change programmes within your organisation.

BCS Foundation In Business Analysis FAQS

Our BCS Foundation In Business Analysis training course is delivered over three days.


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Now only £1045 + VAT

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Now only £1045 + VAT

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Now only £1045 + VAT

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