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Learn The Definitions, Objectives & Success Characteristics Of Benefits Management

Managing Benefits® Foundation & Practitioner

Managing Benefits® provides managers and practitioners from multiple disciplines, working in a wide variety of organisations, with generally applicable guidance encompassing benefits management principles, practices and techniques that enable organisations to optimise the return from their investments in change.

Our five-day Managing Benefits® Foundation & Practitioner training course will help you to understand the benefits management principles, practices, techniques, roles, responsibilities, and documents. You will also learn how to apply and understand how to tailor Managing Benefits® effectively.


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Benefits management monitors projects, making sure there is a benefit to a member of staff's workload which is achievable and viable.

Benefits management involves identifying, planning, measuring, and tracking benefits from the start of a project until the last projected benefit is achieved. It aims that the desired benefits are defined, measurable, agreed, reachable and time bounded.