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Learn How To Improve Efficiency & Visibility Into Operations With IT Service Management

IT Availability Management Masterclass

The purpose of Availability Management is to ensure that services deliver agreed levels of availability to meet the needs of customers and users.

The more critical a service is to the customer, the more the company should invest in its availability.

Our one-day IT Availability Management Masterclass will help you to understand what 'availability' and 'unavailability' actually mean.

It will look at the business perspective and giving you the ability to return to your organisation with the increased knowledge, confidence and hopefully enthusiasm to make a huge difference to your organisations capability to manage service availability.

IT Change Management Masterclass

Are you really managing IT change within your organisation or are you simply doing the admin?

Change Management is one of the key processes within any organisation. If you do not manage change effectively you have chaos, and chaos leads to incidents and problems. Poorly managed and failed change can also result in re-work, overtime, disgruntled staff, financial penalties, dissatisfied and lost customers.

Our one-day IT Change Management Masterclass will teach you the basics of Change Management and equip you with the skills, knowledge and techniques to make you a truly formidable Change Manager.

IT Continual Service Improvement Masterclass

Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is something which many organisations strive for but rarely achieve, mainly because they have not developed the underlying processes, procedures and governance that are needed to achieve CSI.

Our one-day IT Continual Service Improvement Masterclass will cover everything that you will need to put in place to establish a robust and successful Continual Service Improvement (CSI) programme.

IT Design Coordination Masterclass

Design Coordination as a separate process is relatively new to Service Management, but it is vitally important because it is only through well-coordinated actions that a service provider can hope to create comprehensive and appropriate designs that will support the achievement of the required business outcomes.

Our one-day IT Design Coordination Masterclass will look at the Design Coordination process in detail and give you the knowledge, confidence and hopefully enthusiasm to make a huge difference to your organisations capability to manage and coordinate service design.

IT Problem Management Masterclass

Do you want to prevent service disruption, maintain service levels, or reduce the stress on your IT Service Desk staff?

The main goal of Problem Management is to prevent problems and their resulting incidents from happening. For incidents that have already occurred, Problem Management seeks to prevent them from happening again or, if they are unavoidable, minimises the impact on the business.

Our one-day IT Problem Management Masterclass is flexible for different levels of expertise, from novice practitioners up to experienced specialists.

IT Service Asset & Configuration Management Masterclass

Most organisations are unlikely to have a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) in place let alone a Configuration Management System (CMS). Many organisations struggle with the sheer complexity and never get started, others start and then fail to maintain accuracy so people lose confidence.

Our one-day IT Service Asset & Configuration Management Masterclass will cover everything to do with Service Asset and Configuration Management from design and development through to implementation and improvement.

IT Service Catalogue Management Masterclass

Service Catalogue Management has become flavour of the month - it has great benefits, but only if done correctly. If you are struggling to get your head around the concept, or have started but stalled or are creating multiple service catalogues then you should attend our IT Service Catalogue Management Masterclass.

Our one-day IT Service Catalogue Management Masterclass will look at the purpose of the Service Catalogue, who the stakeholders are and their requirements.

IT Service Desk Masterclass

It's often said that the Service Desk is the window on IT, so it's worth ensuring that users can see what's on offer and the content is relevant to them now and in the future. It's also important that you operate as efficiently and effectively as possible to ensure that everyone see value for money.

Our one-day IT Service Desk Masterclass is primarily aimed at Service Desk Managers and Supervisors, but may be applicable to the aspiring Service Desk Analyst looking to acquire the skills to move to the next level.

IT Transition Planning & Support Masterclass

Effective Transition Management is vital in all organisations whatever their size, and the Transition Planning and Support process is a critical component of highly efficient and cost effective Service Transition.

Our one-day IT Transition Planning & Support Masterclass will cover the complete A to Z of Transition Planning and Support. It will inspire you to become a true master of Transition Planning and Support.


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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

IT Service Management Masterclasses

Different IT Service Management perspectives:

  • IT Service Management (ITSM) manages, delivers, and implements IT services to meet a business's needs. ITSM improves the synchronization between different departments within an organisation. Using IT Service management improves productivity and efficiency, which in turn improves service quality and revenue.
  • Properly managing key assets within an organisation can save costs by not over-purchasing or purchasing the wrong product or software. Managing assets also can save businesses from fines and liability by keeping up-to-date with software licenses.
  • Creating the right culture within an organisation can also be challenging. Departments clashing or individuals blaming others passing the fault when errors occur. ITSM can help create the correct culture in your organisation. IT service management can also improve your organisation's key performance indicators (KPI's), KPI's can also indicate which members of staff require training.